Charlie Rangel Attacks Another (Non-White) Race

Pot meet kettle.

From Business Insider via Yahoo! Finance: “Charlie Rangel Makes Racially-Charged Remark During Debate.”

Democratic New York Congressman Charlie Rangel made a rather racially-charged remark about the main rival in his re-election bid during a debate Friday. Rangel suggested his opponent in the Democratic primary, State Senator Adriano Espaillat, has accomplished little besides being from the Dominican Republic in a district with a large Latino population. 

Rangel brought up Espaillat’s nationality after accusing the state senator  of not having done “a darn thing” to raise the minimum wage.

“I hope somewhere during this debate, … [Espaillat] tries to share what the heck has he done besides saying he’s a Dominican?” Rangel said.

Espaillat, who would be the first Dominican-born congressman in the United States if elected, appeared to find the remarks offensive.

“It really saddens that after 44 years in Congress — and I say this truly candidly — it saddens  me that the congressman has to stoop and lower himself to these types of unfounded attacks,” Espaillat responded.


Rangel, who has been in the House of Representatives for over four decades, is in the political fight of his life as he works to hold onto a Manhattan-based district that has become more and more Latino after redistricting and demographic changes. In 2012, Rangel defeated Espaillat by just about 1,000 votes. This time around, Espaillat is widely seen as having improved odds.

Gee, Mr. Rangel, you mean it’s about the content of a man’s policies (or lack thereof) not the color of their skin? Would you allow folks like me to use that argument when discussing the actions and ideology of the current President?

Thank you, thank you very much.

I have never voted for a man or supported any legislation because of their color–that’s about the most moronic thing anyone could ever do. Tyranny is tyranny, stupidity is stupidity, harmful economics are harmful economics, no matter what the person who proposes them looks like.

And you, sir, have proposed and supported a lot of tyrannical, stupid, and economically harmful things in your far-too-long time in the United States Congress… oh, in addition to cheating on your taxes.