Chicago Blacks Turn on Obama

One of the greatest disappointments of the Obama presidency is the wasted opportunity to finally put racial divisions to an end in America.

Instead of reaching out and changing hearts and minds, President Obama has proved himself a practitioner of the same tired racial politics the Left has always relied upon, multiplied by a factor of about 10.

The great hope of achieving Martin Luther King’s dream has been dashed to pieces by a man who is the most racially divisive president ever.

Thus, it is particularly telling that even blacks, Obama’s most solid support group, are starting to turn on him.

The Obama Administration is a failure on so many levels, it would be difficult to even attempt to enumerate. Among those failures, however, is a complete lack of progress in improving the lives of black communities across the country.

In Chicago, Obama’s hometown, the bitterness is particularly poignant as the city suffers one of the greatest crime rates in the United States. With all the criminal violence taking place regularly in Chicago, the streets are practically running red.

Just over the recent Fourth of July weekend, nine people were killed and more than 60 injured.

Demonstrators Friday outside the Chicago Police Department headquarters ripped into the Obama Administration for taking no action to end crime while pushing to spend billions in taxpayer dollars on illegal aliens.

The Washington Times reported one protester saying, “Mr. President, we’re asking for you. You’re spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we’ve a problem here in Chicago. We will not stand by this here, and keep letting this senseless killing and shooting happen in our community.”

The Democratic Party better watch out. If the Chicago protesters are any indicator, blacks are waking up to the reality that Democrats’ policies have not helped the situation of blacks as promised.

“Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today,” said one protester, echoing an observation often made by conservatives that liberal policies are intended to keep blacks down.

Another one said, “For the president to set aside all of these funds for immigrants and [have] forsaken the African-American community, I think that’s a disgrace. He will go down as the worst president ever elected. Bill Clinton was the African-American president.”

As Obama’s support among blacks begins to deteriorate, however, recent statistics show his support among Muslims remains strong, ironically because of his policies in the Middle East, which have led to death and chaos on a mass scale, even eclipsing Chicago’s war-zone atmosphere.

The Master of Disaster is already well on his way to leveling the country. If Obama’s stalwart followers are finally beginning to turn on him, it can’t be fast enough.