Child Abduction & Torture Continues Under The Name “Foster Care”

It is time for a grim update of our post from February 19. From the CBS affiliate in Boston:

A Connecticut couple sobbed outside a Boston courtroom after a legal setback in their yearlong battle to regain custody of their daughter.

The state of Massachusetts took charge of Justina Pelletier as her parents and doctors at Children’s Hospital continue to clash over her diagnosis and treatment. The teen’s mom broke down in court. Paramedics wheeled Linda Pelletier from the courthouse Monday afternoon minutes after she collapsed upon hearing a judge order her embattled teenaged daughter into foster care.

“This child has been ripped away from this family,” Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition said.

A year ago, Justina Pelletier was still ice skating as she underwent treatment for mitochondrial disease — a rare and controversial disorder where the body’s cells can’t produce energy, triggering chronic fatigue and severe digestive problems.

Gordon Russell’s wife died from it. “This girl is in trouble,” he says. “And we are all standing around watching her deteriorate.”

I would love to think that being out of Hospital Hell (someone let Boston Children’s know that we have officially renamed their shiny snare of a “medical” facility) means something better might happen. But are her treatment instructions going to change? Is DHS likely to give Justina to a family that would consider disagreeing with DHS’ official conclusion regarding Justina’s “mental” problems?

The most important quotation is later in the story:

“They want their daughter with them,” Rev. Mahoney says. “There’s no argument that she was doing better under their care than under the care of the government.”

This is the part that drives me insane. I don’t know with one hundred percent certainty what Justina is suffering from or if her parents have been mistaken. I have no idea. But I don’t need to know. It is obvious that she was healthy and thriving with her parents and now she is dying. Likewise, Justina’s older sister has the same diagnosis and she is a functioning adult. So there is no evidence whatsoever that Justina’s life was in danger from her parents.

Assume that arrogant psychiatrist is right (as painful as that would be to admit). So what? If I have to ch0ose between a delusional but happy and healthy family and a grieving family whose kidnapped daughter is deteriorating before our eyes, I’m OK with the delusional. Of course, the fact that she is slowly dying before our eyes is good evidence at the moment that the arrogant psychiatrist is the one under a delusion.

So, don’t let anyone argue with you about what is “really wrong” with Justina. We all know what is making her sick: The DHS and Psychiatic Dictator wing of the Massachusetts state government is making her sick. Torture and abduction from her parents is killing her.

Here are some pictures. See if you can guess which ones were taken when Justina was under her family’s care and which are from her ongoing sentence to be held prisoner in state care.

Justina Pelletier with her dog, Roxie, the family's pet German Shepherd.

justina year book

justina ice skating

justina and sister

justina and mother

This could be your daughter, your sister. She needs to be rescued from the clutches of the Child Abuse Factory that is the State.