Children of Homosexual Couples 35% More Likely to Fail in School

Ever since homosexuals began coming out of the closets in numbers, sociologists and psychologists have done everything they can to help justify and normalize the sinful lifestyle.  Their numerous studies would have you believe that defying God’s covenant of marriage is somehow acceptable.

Evidently one such sociologist is Stanford University’s Michael J. Rosenfeld.  In 2009, he published his study titled Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress through School.  His abstract for the paper reads:

“I use U.S. census data to perform the first ever large sample nationally representative tests of outcomes for children raised by same-sex couples. The results show that children of same-sex couples are as likely to make normal progress through school as the children of most other family structures. Heterosexual married couples are the family type whose children have the lowest rates of grade retention, but the advantage of heterosexual married couples is mostly due to their higher SES. Children of all family types (including children of same-sex couples) are far more likely to be making normal progress through school than children living in group quarters.”

To read his paper one would think that there is little impact on children raised by homosexual couples, but that is not the case.  Three other college professors took a closer look at Rosenfeld’s research and his conclusion and found one glaring mistake which dramatically changes those results and conclusion.

Dr. Douglas Allen from Simon Fraser University, Dr. Catherine Pakaluk from Ave Marie University and Dr. Joseph Price from Brigham Young University disagree with Rosenfeld.  Allen explained what they found to One News Now:

“It turns out the children from these homes don’t do as well. They’re about 35 percent more likely to fail a grade.”

“If you grow up with your parents cohabitating, but they’re heterosexual, you’re about 15 percent more likely than [those with] same-sex parents to make normal progress through schools.  If you have a never-married single mom, you’re about 23 percent more likely to make normal progress through school compared to growing up in a same-sex household.”

“The gold standard is to have married, heterosexual parents.  I mean, every study pretty well finds that. It doesn’t matter what dimension you’re looking at; there’s no question — the gold standard is having two parents, married, opposite sex.”

The statistics that Allen and his colleagues report verify the value of the traditional marriage and family as God established it.  Many people fail to realize that the first covenant that God made with man was marriage, one man and one woman to be joined together for life.  Any deviation from this covenant takes its toll on everyone in the family including the children.  Children from broken homes, one parent homes and the homes of homosexual couples statistically do not do as well in school as those kids from a traditional biblical family.  Seems to indicate that God knew what He was doing from the very beginning when he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.