The Chinese Anti-Nativity: Coming To America If Our Ruling Class Can Make It Happen

There are many things that are much worse than forcing a mother to give birth in a stable. Forcing her to have an abortion after you already promised her that she could have another baby, and allowing her to get pregnant on the basis of that promise comes to mind. Life News quotes from a Chinese news source:

A couple applied to have a second child in China, were granted permission, got pregnant, and are now being told that the permission was an error.

The couple’s request for a second child was approved by the local authorities in the provincial capital Nanning in June. The wife later became pregnant, however the couple was then notified by the family planning department that they had made a mistake and they would not grant a permit.

The husband, surnamed Luo, said a family planning official informed them that they had failed to meet the conditions for a second child due to subtle changes in the law, concerning the amount of daughters born in the family.

Previously, a couple could have a second child if the husband was living with his wife’s family that only had daughters but no sons. The amended rule says the wife’s family should have only two daughters and no sons.

As Luo’s wife has more than two sisters, the permit was thus withdrawn.

The Chinese government pretends to offer the “option” of paying the fine or complying with the abortion. But this option seems like more of a propaganda move to allay Western criticism. If the family doesn’t come up with a large amount of money to pay off the government ransom, the mother will be forced to abort.

All abortion is evil murder. All forced abortion is also wicked tyranny. But, according to the story, the woman would never have dared to get pregnant if her murderous masters had not first told her that she was permitted to do so.

I pray that God will stop this madness in China. But I also pray that the many people who want China’s policies to be copied in the United States will be defeated forever.