Chris Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Every time I hear or read anything involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the more convinced I am that he is a flaming liberal Democrat in Republican clothes.  His political views are more in line with the Democratic Party platform than with the Republican Party platform.

In his latest move towards liberalism, he signed a bill that will ban any form of gay conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy.  New Jersey is the second state to pass such a measure, following in the footsteps of the land of nuts, fruits and flakes also known as California.

Christie listened to the testimony of gays who had a negative experience with reparative therapy.  He also listened to liberal psychologists including the American Psychological Association who says that it is harmful and can lead to mental health issues and substance abuse.  Mind you that thousands of gays already have mental health issues and are substance abusers, but hey, that doesn’t matter, does it?  Also keep in mind that the American Psychological Association recommends the legalization of pedophilia as long as both parties are consenting.

Sure, there are people who try drastic measures to force family members to leave their sinful lifestyle of homosexuality, but there are other organizations who have run very successful programs with very positive results.  There are testimonies from converted gays who say that their life as a homosexual was horrible and a mental anguish, but once they went straight, they feel much better about themselves.

Gay activists have seen the successes of such groups in converting gays to go straight and they can’t allow that to happen.  If being homosexual is supposed to be normal and good, then anyone being converted from it only presents a problem to them.  Therefore, gays will say and do almost anything to mar and slander programs that help gays escape the lifestyle.  They label it as pseudoscience and quackery, believing that it will help discredit it and sway the opinions of the un-informed, like Chris Christie.

I wonder if Christie even interviewed or read the testimony of any of those that were successfully brought out of the homosexual lifestyle or did he only listen to those who are against it?  I suspect that he only listened to one side as they have become the loudest complainers and have been getting their way more and more.  And each time they do, America takes another precarious step down the slippery slide to ruin.