Chris Matthews’ Fantasy Love Affair With The President

On MSNBC’s Thursday-night edition of Self-Loathing White Guy with a Psychosexual Fixation on Obama, known in the TV listings as Hardball with Chris Matthews, the titular Mr. Matthews, who appears to have fallen off the wagon, nearly broke down in tears as he rambled his grievances that Republicans don’t share his devoted, unconditional love for the man with whom he fantasizes about sharing a motel room.

Calling to mind the syndrome of an abused wife (or a Mrs. Weiner) who stands up for her man no matter what, Matthews used his closing segment to stand up for his man, beginning with, “There are too many people on the American right who hate the very notion of Barack Obama in the White House.”

Yes, that is true. Why wouldn’t we hate the notion of a man who was a self-admitted Marxist-sympathizer, who still today embraces the social Marxism of Black Liberation Theology, and whose respect for human life begins and ends with the belief that newborn babies are “punishments,” as he phrased it?

Chris Matthews: “Was there ever a time . . . that his haters on the right have stopped in their tracks and said, ‘Well, good for him. I liked the way he did that’?”

Well, we on the right usually judge a man based on both the content of his character and on merit. If there is nothing done that we believe praiseworthy, why should we praise those things? Is Matthews calling for affirmative-action compliments? Obama is black, so we all have to dig deep down and try to come up with something nice to say about him?

Okay, here’s one that I know everybody on the right supported Obama in doing: giving the go-ahead, however reluctant he may have been, to kill the Somali pirates who were holding hostage American Richard Phillips. The other thing Obama did that I, for one, appreciated: removing the federal ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption. I don’t want to eat horse, but I also don’t want the government to tell me I can’t.

Chris Matthews: “[T]hink about this man’s life, about how hard he worked at school, how he achieved so highly at school, how he married so well and so faithfully, how he’s fathered two great daughters and kept them, protected them, been a truly great father to them, been a true partner in his marriage, treated his office with such respect and dignity . . . .”

Ignoring that Matthews very clearly wishes he were Michelle, yes, let’s think about Barack Obama’s life:

Did he work hard at school? The dazed look on his face as he brings a joint to his lips in those high-school photos suggest not.

Did he achieve “so highly” in college? Hard to know, considering Mr. Transparency still hasn’t unsealed his transcripts. For all we know, he could have graduated with worse grades than President George W. Bush. Of course we know where Bush got the money for college, something that can’t be said about Obama.

We do know Obama obtained a law degree, which he put to use once in defending the voter-fraudsters known as ACORN. Then again, he was disbarred of that law degree, just like our last Democratic president.

Did he marry well? This is subjective. If you like your women to have the build of a football player and arms that can reach around a redwood, and to have an ingrained disdain for white people, yeah, Obama married exceptionally well.

I don’t know Obama’s quality as a father, but I have no reason to doubt he is an excellent one to Malia and Sasha, aside from the values he will be instilling into them.

Chris Matthews: “We live in a country where a good chunk of the country hates its elected leader and won’t really . . . tell you why.”

Okay, fine, we’re racists. Happy? But in what way does that delegitimize our criticisms of Obama’s policies? The fact is that we do tell you why we don’t like the man—and I truly don’t; if I ever met him, I wouldn’t shake his hand—but you just refuse to accept our reasons, all of which reasons will be equally valid the next time we have a president with such policies as Obama.