Christian Children Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam and Become Suicide Bombers

Dahka is the capital of Bangladesh and home to over 6.7 million people.  89.5% of the people of Dahka and the rest of Bangladesh are Muslim.  Hindus make up another 9.6% and the remaining 0.99% are Buddhists, Christians and other religions.

So what are the chances that a group of college students in a city the size of Dahka, with nearly 90% being Muslim, hear about 19 Christian children who were about to be sold by Islamic human traffickers?  If it sounds like God intervened on their behalf, you just may be right.

According to the report from International Christian Concern, the parents of the children were led to believe that their kids were being taken to a Christian boarding school in Dhaka.  The Christian families were part of the Tripura Tribe who lived in a remote hilly region of the capital area.  The parents paid Binoy Tripura 15,000 Taka (approximately $183) for each of the kids to pay for their schooling at the missionary school in Dahka.

However, on the long bus journey to the city, some of the kids had the feeling that things were not as they had been led to believe, so 12 of them managed to escape at a rest stop.  They phoned their parents who then phoned some college students from their village who were attending university in Dahka.  The college students were able to meet the bus, rescue the other 7 kids and detain Binoy until the police arrived.

Once in police custody, Binoy admitted that he planned to sell the kids to some of the madrassas (Islamic schools) in the area.  Once at the schools, the Christian kids are forced to legally change their names to Islamic names, making it much harder to track them down later on.  The kids are also forced to convert to Islam learn the Quran, Arabic and pray 5 times a day.  If they don’t, they are tortured via starvation, locked in small closets, verbally abused and even beaten with live electric wires.  One rescued boy told authorities that he was repeatedly beaten for not wanting to pray.  Some people who have helped to rescue some of these kids also believe that they are brainwashed and trained to become future suicide bombers for the Jihad.

Other Christian children that have gone missing have been rescued from some of the madrassas in Dahka and the International Christian Concern has been working with police to track down and rescue as many as possible.  On January 2, police rescued 21 kids from 5 different madrassas.  So far this year, 55 Christian kids have been rescued, but there are still over 200 missing and believed to have suffered the same human trafficking and Islamic brainwashing fate.

This is not just isolated to Bangladesh, but similar reports have been heard from a number of other predominately Muslim countries and areas.  Yet, no one connected with the US government has even whispered a word about the kidnapping of Christian children.

Once again I will remind you that Islam claims to be the religion of peace, yet everywhere I turn and look, they are anything but peaceful.  Islam is not even peaceful to their own people, especially females.  It is a religion of hate, violence and intimidation.  Christ said to love your enemies, Islam says to kill them.  I rest my case.