Christian County Clerk Refuses to Participate in Sham Marriage in Kentucky

Should a Christian county clerk be forced to participate in a ceremony she believes is fake and blasphemous?

We know that Religious convictions can be accommodated. From the earliest days in the Republic people have been permitted to not take an “oath of office” or give an oath to tell the truth in court. Instead, they can simply make an affirmation. Why? Because some Christians believed that the Sermon on the Mount forbids oaths. Rather than persecute these people or exclude them from civic life, the United States accommodated them in order to include them.

Now, the Supreme Court has instituted a major political, social, and religious revolution in American society. Thousands of Christians who took office under a specific understanding of their duties, have now seen that understanding thrown overboard by five people in Washington DC. Suddenly, same-sex “marriage” is declared to both exist, and be a civil right for those who want to enter that alleged union. The five social revolutionaries showed no interest in making any accommodation to anyone.

Not everyone is submitting quietly.

The Courier-Journal reports, “Gay couple turned away 3rd time by Rowan clerk.”

James Yates and William Smith Jr. left the Rowan County Courthouse on Thursday, frustrated that clerks have now refused them a marriage license for a third time but promising to return.

The couple said they felt that Rowan Clerk Kim Davis was obligated to provide the paperwork after appellate judges refused to stay a federal injunction against Davis on Wednesday. But a deputy clerk said he was under orders to turn them away.

“It’s just making us want to press more,” Yates said. “She can’t get away with this.”

Yates and Smith, who have been together nearly 10 years, said they had gotten word before going in that the office was still denying licenses to couples. Smith said the policy is “blatantly breaking the law” and that Davis is hiding behind religion to discriminate.

One of the clues regarding who is the aggressor here is the pretense that religious commitments that have continued for millennia are trivial excuses that people now use because they want “to discriminate.” The two manboys think we are supposed to all join them in their world of make-believe in which there was no 1) longstanding tradition that understood marriage to be a relationship between male and female human beings, 2) longstanding tradition that people must not do evil deeds (like blasphemously mock marriage) on orders from evil rulers, and 3) understanding that Americans are not supposed to be forced to perform rituals they don’t believe in.

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If nothing else, it is gratifying that this county clerk is letting the powers know that not everyone bows to them.