Christian Fired for Opposing Queen James Bible on His Personal Blog

The Queen James Bible, as it is called, is a revision of the Bible that mutilates its teachings against homosexual practice. A Christian is a follower of Jesus and takes the same view of Scripture that Jesus does. (Yes I know, when Jesus was ministering in Israel, he had fewer books that were Scripture to him. His own ministry added to that number. My point is that he showed reverence for what was Scripture then and his followers show the same reverence for what is Scripture now.) And since Christians believe that Jesus is a faithful witness, they actually are concerned about objective truth claims. They argue for the trustworthiness of Jesus and his teachings in the public square.

In the United States, it used to be true that we had freedom of religion. But according to Fox News, veteran newspaper editor Bob Eschliman found out differently:

After a brief investigation, the Iowa newspaper fired Bob and then publicly castigated him in an editorial. They accused him of compromising the reputation of the newspaper. They said what he wrote resulted in the loss of public trust.

Bob ran afoul of the newspaper’s bosses by daring to criticize the “Queen James Bible” website. The website sells copies of God’s Word that have been rewritten with a gay friendly slant.

“If you ask me, it sounds like the Gaystapo is well on its way,” Bob wrote. “We must fight back against the enemy.”

I don’t think the neologism “Gaystapo” is out of line in dealing with people having fun with Christians by coining the term, “Queen James Bible.” Eschliman was doing nothing more than expressing his Christian faith, on homosexuality, the definition of marriage as Jesus directly stated it, and on Scripture. That got him fired.

Eschliman has “filed formal charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Shaw Media and the Newton Daily News.” He has a duty to his fellow Christians to do so.

No, I’m not changing my mind about freedom of association. Of course a newspaper should be allowed to practice religious bigotry if they want to. But we live under a regime that is commanding all federal contractors, without exempting religious institutions, to actively recruit homosexuals and transgender. (Remember, the ultimate goal is for Congress to pass a law that will force everyone to recruit homosexuals and transgender—something influential Republicans with money have been lobbying for.) We live under a regime that is threatening the accreditation of Christian colleges. Religious freedom is intolerable for liberals because it gets in the way of forcing Christian cake decorators into pretending there is such a thing as same-sex “marriage.”  Remember, it is perfectly legal for a homosexual hair dresser to refuse service to a customer because he disagrees with the customer’s stance on homosexual “marriage,” but anyone refusing to flower up a fake Christian ceremony—a supposed “wedding” lacking one of the necessary participants—can be prosecuted as a violator of civil rights. It is fine to fire a CEO for supporting a legal campaign in favor of the same position that the President himself held (supposedly) at the time. But firing someone for supporting same sex marriage would be considered a civil rights violation in many places.

The mechanism is in place where employers are free to punish Christians and Christians are punished for firing (or even not hiring) homosexuals—or even refusing to let a man use the lady’s room or asking him not to wear a dress to work.

What I said about why the (temporary) firing of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson counted as a First Amendment issue applies here: A&E didn’t fire Robertson as an exercise in the right of free association. Republicans and Democrats alike loathe such freedom and demonize it. A&E fired Robertson as a special privilege that the state gives secular Liberals to stomp on Christians to punish them for expressing their religious convictions.

Eschliman is right to sue people who have proven that they are, indeed, the Gaystapo.