Christian Rapper Lecrae Writes about Police

The Christian Rap artist LeCrae took to Facebook about police and the abuse of authority yesterday. He started with praise. In fact, he credited a police officer with helping him come back to Jesus.

My family members are police officers. I have close friend who work for the Sheriffs dept. They are good cops. NO ONE is saying good cops don’t exist. Nor are we saying the people media has focused on don’t have jaded pasts. We all do!

Part of my testimony is how I was harassing people with a pellet gun as a 13-year-old and was apprehended by police.

But I’m still ALIVE! I wasn’t shot down. Those cops did a good job.

One officer decided not to arrest me years ago but instead challenged me to get in my bible.

Thank God for His grace.

Lecrae may have had Ferguson or any other number of incidents in mind that led him to post about the police, but the previous relevant post was a picture of Eric Garner and his family—the man whose death was ruled a homicide but for whose death the grand jury refused to indict the police officer who used the chokehold. “My heart breaks for your family,” he wrote, and then quoted Colossians 3:12. “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”

lecrae on eric garner

Lecrae claims to have had some relevant experiences with the police since becoming a dedicated follower of Jesus. After giving credit to a police officer for challenging him to read the Bible he writes about some negative events.

However after becoming a law abiding citizen, some things stayed the same. I used to drive my own car all over the nation performing. But I had to deal with the following:

I was pulled over 4 times in 1 hour one day in East Texas. I got a ticket for having a frame around my license plate. I was repeatedly asked why my car smelled like marijuana. (It didn’t. No one was allowed to smoke ANYTHING in that car. I kept it smelling like that gas station “new leather” spray even though I had cloth seats.)

I was pulled over on my way to a show and they said my bumper (on my rental car) looked suspicious. They ripped the seats out looking for drugs (found none) and left me to put them back in.

I was pulled over last month in Chicago after a show. The driver said “they are gonna pull us over cause it’s too many of us (black and Hispanics) in this car and this area is known for that. The cop pulled us over and, after recognizing me, let us go. Never said why we were being pulled over.

He assures readers that he has tons of stories (his emphasis).

I wish I didn’t. Some foolish rappers make it difficult for the good ones just like some foolish cops make it difficult for the good ones.

This seemed like a pretty good summation to me.