“Christian Singer” Amy Grant Fronting for Billionaire Depopulationists

Amy Grant “has joined hands” to promote birth control for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Making sure that foreign brown people stop having so many children is a huge priority for many of the most wealthy Westerners. Warren Buffet has given over a billion dollars to abortion groups all over the world, and is an advocate of global population control. And Bill Gates is also an advocate of population reduction. It is no coincidence that his “charity,” the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, works to spread “birth control” in less developed nations.

So, as a former admirer of Amy Grant (way back before she publicly blew up her marriage), I was rather appalled to read this story from Life News: “Christian Singer Amy Grant Partners with Pro-Abortion Gates Foundation.”

Popular Christian singer Amy Grant is pro-life on the issue of abortion, but she recently announced she is teaming up with one of the most pro-abortion foundations that shuttled millions towards abortions and abortion businesses.

In an opinion column on Fox News’ web site, Grant announced she is partnering with the Gates Foundation to push birth control and contraception in impoverished nations. Grant said she hosted pro-abortion Melinda Gates recently at a Christian event in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss their partnership.

“I hosted Melinda Gates in Nashville as she came to meet with our vibrant faith community for the first time. I didn’t know Melinda, and she didn’t know me. But we did know each other’s work well. What an amazing experience to hear about her faith journey, how Christian music had influenced her commitment to the world’s poor, and to learn more about how I could join hands with her and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help 120 million women around the world, to save their lives and the lives of their children,” Grant writes.

“Over 220 million women around the world have raised their voices to say that they want to avoid their next pregnancy but lack the information or contraceptives to do so. To say this takes extreme courage. And to hear this and do something about it takes courage. This means talking about pregnancy and birth and newborns with influential leaders across the United States. It means discussing complications and deaths. It means looking at the statistics and rethinking contraceptives as a pro-life cause,” Grant adds.

Grant is partnered with an organization that not only has worked hard to promote abortions in Africa, South America, and Asia, but has also helped groups that lobby to weaken or abolish pro-life laws in these countries. Life News has documented the many ways in which the Gates Foundation supports abortion. Since the dollars aren’t directly earmarked to go to abortions, the Gates maintain implausible deniability, but “the fungibility of money makes it easier for these organizations to provide abortion internationally.”

If Amy Grant cares so much about women, she ought to make sure that fewer are killed in the womb by publicly opposing Melinda Gates rather than selling herself as Christian camouflage for the Gates Foundation.