Christians Can’t Have it Both Ways about Taxation

In January 2013, the Washington National Cathedral announced it would begin performing same-sex marriages. The National Cathedral also gets direct federal funding. So not only does it approve of same-sex sex; it also believes in prostitution.

Of course, the folks at the National Cathedral state that it is not funded by the government. While it does not regularly receive federal funds from the government, it did receive a grant which came to the cathedral by way of the National Trust that required matching funds. This means the government would give the money as long as the National Cathedral could raise the same amount from private donors.

The following is from the National Cathedral website:

“Washington National Cathedral has received a $700,000 grant from the Department of the Interior’s National Park Service, through the ‘Save America’s Treasures’ grant program. The Cathedral received these funds for its significant role as an historic national treasure, which illustrates, interprets, and is associated with the great events, ideas, and individuals that contribute to the nation’s history and culture.”

The Department of the Interior is a government agency. These are tax dollars being spent on a religious edifice. I’m surprised the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State aren’t hopping mad. Of course, these two agencies often look the other way when liberal religious groups are funded by our tax dollars.

A number of groups are protesting this subsidy. Good for them. If a conservative church was prostituting itself by taking tax dollars, liberals would be all over the hypocrisy.

Then there’s the case of the Good News Club, a Christian-run group that once met for free at the Foose Elementary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “It’s now fighting the Harrisburg School District in federal court to keep it that way after organizers were told they weren’t providing a ‘community service’ so could no longer meet at the school unless they paid an annual fee of $1,200.”

If other groups are meeting for free, I can see the problem. But if Churches are asking to meet for free in a government building, then I believe the church is in the wrong.

I do not want any government entity to subsidize the church in any way. If the State makes a government facility available free to Christians, then it will have to make it available to all religious groups, even Muslims.

But there’s another principle here. Christian groups should not have to go begging to the State for a handout. There was a time when Christians were the ones who built schools (e.g., Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton). Are we to believe that the Good News Club can’t meet in a church or a private Christian school? Christians think and act small. It’s also hard for me to believe that a group can’t come up with $1200 a year. That’s $100 per month.

Somebody’s has to keep the facilities heated, cooled, cleaned and maintained.

Of course, in the end, I’m for ending all government-forced taxation of Americans to pay for so-called public schools. We shouldn’t have them. Christians shouldn’t be meeting in them.