Christians Should Not Abuse the First Amendment

The First Amendment does not require other people to endorse or even help us endorse our values—even if they are running a business.

I was really happy to see this headline from a Roman Catholic blog: “Refusal to Print Pro-Life Flyer is Rude but Legal.”

So Office Depot refused to print a flier outlining some public facts about Planned Parenthood, in particular its funding. The flier also contained a prayer for the conversion of Planned Parenthood, along with a call for prayer and fasting.


Office Depot’s refusal sounds a lot like the knee-jerk reaction of someone who is riddled with post-abortive rage to me. I don’t think this stupid action was either philosophical or political. I think it was personal. What makes it something we have to notice is that the company backed it.

Now the lady who wanted it printed is all in a kerfuffle and talking lawsuit because, she says, her First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech was violated, along with her First Amendment right to Religious Liberty.

I know I’m going to get a lot of raspberries from my pro life fellows, but the lady is wrong. This was not a violation of her First Amendment rights.

It was rude, and it is certainly a reason for pro life people to take their business somewhere besides Office Depot.


But, I’m not about to get all worked up and claim that the jerks at the Chicago Office Depot in question violated anybody’s Constitutional rights. The Constitutional right to free speech means that the government cannot tell you what to say. It does not give anyone the right to force their speech on other people.

The only reason this should ever have come up is to show people how stupid and un-American they are being to force people to bake cakes for same sex “marriages.” Other than that, there is simply no reason to make an issue. There are plenty of Christian businesses to whom we should give our money. Threatening to use the government to force people to do what we want is a bad witness. It will be used against us.

The post also makes clear that Office Depot’s official reason for refusing to print the flyer was false and perhaps even libelous. That should teach you what happens when people claim to follow “the rule of law”: They simply do what they want and claim they were following the rules.

But Office Depot doesn’t need an “official policy” to justify their refusal. They should be able to simply refuse. No decision-maker at a business should be required to do business when they don’t want to or required to have some kind of “objective” explanation for their decision.

Office Depot only stays in business by keeping customers happy. That means they already have plenty of incentive to do what customers want. There is no reason to add to their incentive by misusing the First Amendment.

We should never let it be denied that the pansexual leftists are the coercive ones, while we Christians want to live in peace.

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