CIA Cash Went to Al Qaeda

New York Times reports that CIA cash wound up going into Al Qaeda hands. But there is more to the story.

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When I saw this story in the New York Times, I assumed it was going to involve the basic ways the CIA has been funding terrorists, including Al Qaeda (whether directly or not, before 9/11, I don’t know for sure), since the late seventies. But no, it is about one small incompetent bit of terrorist financing, not intentional financing: “CIA Cash Ended Up in Coffers of Al Qaeda.”

In the spring of 2010, Afghan officials struck a deal to free an Afghan diplomat held hostage by Al Qaeda. But the price was steep — $5 million — and senior security officials were scrambling to come up with the money.

They first turned to a secret fund that the Central Intelligence Agency bankrolled with monthly cash deliveries to the presidential palace in Kabul, according to several Afghan officials involved in the episode. The Afghan government, they said, had already squirreled away about $1 million from that fund.

Within weeks, that money and $4 million more provided from other countries was handed over to Al Qaeda, replenishing its coffers after a relentless CIA campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan had decimated the militant network’s upper ranks.

“God blessed us with a good amount of money this month,” Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, the group’s general manager, wrote in a letter to Osama bin Laden in June 2010, noting that the cash would be used for weapons and other operational needs.

Well, we already knew that corruption was rife in our fake Afghani government. It is no surprise that Al Qaeda gained a fortune from the CIA, though getting a whole million dollars at one time seems amazing.

But what about supporting Al Qaeda and basically giving all Libya to them? Isn’t that just as significant as giving them a million dollars in Afghanistan? While NATO and other U.S. agencies were involved, we can be sure the CIA also played a role.

And we know the CIA worked with the Muslim Brotherhood to fund Al Qaeda-related terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad. The New York Times has admitted that we fund terrorists in Syria. Christians suffered rape, torture, and death thanks to our sponsorship of chaos in the region. This eventually led to ISIS.

So why act surprised or outraged that we also enriched them in Afghanistan? It is what we do!