CIA Looks for Ways to Use Weather as Weapon

So now the CIA — producer of such historic favorites as Benghazi, countless secret foreign wars, MK-Ultra and Project Paperclip — is openly studying what will happen if it starts mucking around with ways to manipulate the climate.

In a masterpiece of doublespeak, the CIA is spending $630,000 on a study of ways to “geoengineer” Earth’s climate, with the excuse that it is worried that climate change could cause political instability and, dadgum it, the CIA just wants to keep the world a happy place.

Translation: The CIA wants to know how it can futz up the climate to stir up trouble around the globe.

How can you tell the CIA is up to no good? It’s spokespeople’s lips are moving.

The public revelation is also odd because the U.S. government has been playing around with climate control for years. (Where did you think all this “global warming” nonsense was headed?)

The federal government has for years been pumping silver iodide, aluminum and other metals into the atmosphere to try to control weather. In fact, the uses of weather as a weapon are so potentially overwhelming that the U.N. created an international treaty, which the U.S. ratified in 1979, banning the use of weather modification by one nation against another.

According to a confidential source involved with the program, the California Air Resources Board has stopped testing for barium and aluminum in the air, water and soil because of the high levels of those pollutants.

Other governments have been doing the same types of experiments. China has claimed that it has brought early snow to the dry northern regions of the country. Some scientists have expressed concern about “global dimming,” the increase in the number of particles in the atmosphere that reflect light.

It’s one of those open secrets that the media ignore and belittle as “conspiracy theory” in hopes that you won’t ask the questions they aren’t asking.

Countless people across the country have noted strange “chemtrails” in the sky from time to time. Officially, they are dismissed as normal cloud activity or, if a plane is actually spotted making them, as normal contrails.

Contrails typically appear as two lines of vapor coming off the wingtips of airplanes, and they generally fade shortly behind the plane as the air turbulence settles and the ice crystals melt.

Those who are concerned about chemtrails say they typically appear as one thick column of cloudy material and can stretch from horizon to horizon without dissipating. Also, the appearance of parallel trails and tic-tac-toe patterns are common as squadrons fly through the upper atmosphere.

Whether you believe the chemtrails are deliberately produced, it is true that the military and various agencies have experimented with controlling rain, hail and even hurricanes. (Hurricane Sandy, anyone?)

The Weather Modification Association has existed since the 1950s to study the uses and feasibility of weather modification techniques. At least 20 countries are known to practice some form of weather manipulation.

(Note to my readers: That brief slowdown in your computer is the NSA filing away the above paragraphs for use on the day you or I decide to run for office.)

Then there’s the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) up in Alaska (near where all that melting polar ice is). Funded by the Navy, Air Force and DARPA, it’s designed to study the atmosphere and develop new radio and surveillance technology. But all anyone without a top secret clearance really knows about it is that it’s pumping out high-frequency signals into the ionosphere that can be detected across the Northern Hemisphere. Some people think HAARP is actually used for weather manipulation.

The government’s attempts to control the weather go all the way back to the Korean War, when U.S. planes would seed clouds in an effort to flood out the enemy. But it’s not work that gets discussed much by the government, which is odd given that we are bombarded with scare stories about global warming. If the government has the ability to change weather, which 60 years of ongoing programs suggest it does, you’d think that would have come up.

The global warming myth is not about science; it never has been. It’s about making you scared enough that you’ll acquiesce to whatever fool program the government says is needed to “save” the Earth, whether that’s a carbon exchange to make Al Gore richer, taxes to make you poorer, food rationing to keep you weak and compliant, or a satellite mounted weather-manipulating raygun that can also coincidentally wipe out thousands of square miles of populated areas.

This idea that we, alone among all the generations of mankind, are capable of determining what is the proper temperature for the Earth is sheer lunacy.

Letting the power elites play with the planet’s weather is tantamount to suicide, or murder depending which way the CIA intends to point its climate doodad.