CIA Veteran: Be Scared of Monsters We Made to Deal with Monsters We Promised to Protect You From, which We Made

A CIA veteran is pushing for Americans to be scared of terrorists so that we’ll endorse the same war on terror that financed and recruited those terrorists.

First, we go into Aghanistan and restore its opium production (totally unintentionally I’m sure) and never find bin Laden.

Next, we invade Iraq on the basis of false claims about weapons of mass destruction and somehow, as part of the war on terror, decimating the country and making it a place where terrorists thrive—terrorists that had never been permitted into the country before.

Then, we support “freedom fighters” (translation: Al Qaeda sympathetic or even affiliated terrorists) to take over Libya and turn a horrible country into a truly terrifying chaos that ends up getting our own ambassador killed.

And then, we demand regime change in Syria and support more “freedom fighters” until we’ve pumped enough weapons and money and terrorist recruits into the area to produce the Islamic State.

So now what should we do?

On cue, we get the hysterical USA Today headline: “CIA veteran Morell: ISIS’ next test could be a 9/11-style attack.”

The Islamic State simply inspired the deadly assault by two men on an exhibit of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed near Dallas last week, CIA veteran Michael Morell says. But it’s only a matter of time before the jihadist group is likely to be in a position to direct more elaborate attacks on American soil that could result in mass casualties.

“If we don’t get ISIS under control, we’re going to see that kind of attack,” the kind of attack al-Qaeda launched on 9/11, Morell told USA TODAY. So far, U.S. efforts haven’t been effective in countering the Islamic State’s success in recruiting hundreds of American converts, he says, “and we’re not effective at it because it’s very hard to do.”

I have no idea if we will suffer a major terrorist attack or not. But when we do, I am confident that not one government official in charge of security will ever be found at fault and that the only thing to learn from the attack is that Americans must give up more freedom and money, while they give the government more power to keep us safe.

Morell is a defender of torture and NSA domestic spying. He wants us to double and triple down on the war on terror. He desperately wants to get Snowden back into the clutches of the U.S. government for his show trial.

When he speaks of getting “ISIS under control” he means he wants more of the same that put ISIS on the map in the first place. No wonder he believes the war on terror will continue for “decades more.” He wants to make sure we are always re-starting it.

Haven’t these people caused enough damage to the United States? The only CIA veteran worth listening to is one who blows the whistle like Edward Snowden did.