CISPA Passes with “Bi-Partisan” Support

Do you really still believe in bi-partisan politics? Do you really think there’s a significant difference between the Republicans and Democrats? If you do, you just haven’t been paying attention. The fact is that the whole Republican/Democrat dichotomy is a false bifurcation designed to make you feel like you have a choice. But you don’t. The whole thing is rotten.

The “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,” like the “Patriot” Act, is a ruse designed to further destroy your privacy and civil liberties. And we let it happen for one simple reason: we’re afraid. We’re so afraid of illusory threats to our security that we’re willing to yield to real threats to our security. Every day.

I’ve wondered how far this thing could go. When you go to the airport and they take x-ray photos of your naked body, and they fondle you, and they make you jump through more hoops than a circus tiger, do you really think it’s for your safety? What does your safety even mean at that point? You aren’t secure from the people who are pretending to keep you secure. How far are you willing to let it go? If they’re beating you in the face with a baton, does it matter if they are repeating the whole time, “This is for you safety!”?

We are not safe. But it isn’t the shadowy world of international terrorism and espionage that really threatens us on a daily basis. Our real tormentors have faces. And in fact we pay their wages so they can continue to terrorize us. I would be willing to put up with the very occasional threat of terrorism if only we could be free from the ubiquitous hand of a civil government that thinks we exist for the sole purpose of supporting its Machievellian schemes. It’s frustrating really. From the lowest levels to the highest, the civil government has become our worst enemy. And how long can this continue? How many more degrees can they turn up the heat before we realize that we are already over-cooked? And when we do figure it out, will it be too late? Yes. Probably.

I can’t give you a solution to this problem. When I see a car driving around with a Mitt Romney sticker on it, I am just about as equally discouraged as when I see a bumper sticker for Obama. Figure it out, people. There are very few people in Washington who believe in limited government and personal responsibility. On both sides of the aisle, we have been betrayed. Do you remember the bill passed recently that gave Monsanto and other big ag businesses the leeway to do pretty much whatever they wanted with your food supply without your knowledge or consent? No? It’s because we were busy arguing about “gay” “marriage.” We are being played.

It reminds me of that satirical Onion video about how Domino’s did research on just what its consumers wouldn’t be willing to stomach. They found out that the masses are willing to eat just about anything. Washington is playing a game. They’re wondering just what legislation you won’t stomach. So far we’re willing to eat their garbage pizza. And I don’t mean pizza with everything on it. I mean real, actual garbage. We need to stop being afraid. As Benjamin Franklin said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Preach it, Ben.