City Government: Your “God Bless America” Sign on Your Own Property is Illegal

One of the horrible aspects of our present invasion of corporate totalitarianism in the US is that our struggle isn’t just with the Federal Government. Hometown America is just brimming with ambitious fascism. A case in point: Bartow, Florida. Residents are being told their “God Bless America” signs in their yard are illegal.

The Ledger reports:

Ken Wiggins, a certified code enforcement officer for Bartow, said he and another officer began leaving door hangers this week, notifying 20 residents that the signs would have to go.

“These are just requests to take the signs down,” he said. “They violate the city’s sign ordinance, which prohibits temporary signs. But no one has been cited for anything, and no one has been fined.”

If those homeowners don’t take corrective action, they could face further code enforcement action and possible fines by the Code Enforcement Board, he said.

Word of the door hangers exploded on Bartow’s social media Friday, and dozens of residents have pledged to confront the City Commission about the issue at its meeting Monday.

For his part, Mayor James Clements planted one of the signs in his front yard Friday, arguing there have been a string of patriotic holidays in recent weeks that warrant such recognition.

“There’s nothing in the ordinance that defines how long you can keep a sign up before or after a holiday,” he said.

I can easily imagine the nightmarish response from local rulers. They could “reform” the law by stipulating exactly how long after a holiday your holiday sign may remain in your yard. Then they will need to stipulate that signs can’t be posted on other days or that signs that look identical may not be switched out. Otherwise, what would keep a resident from keeping two signs, one on the lawn and one in the garage, and switching them every Tuesday? This entire system is designed for control freaks.

The real tragedy here is that these people are actually taxed to support some number of people whose job is to trash their exercise of their right of free speech and free expression.