City of Brotherly Love Goes Too Far with National Masturbation Month Celebration

The name Philadelphia literally means ‘loving – philos and brother- adelphos, or brotherly love.  It seems these days that definition is being taken too far.  Perhaps the name of the city should be Sodom or Gomorrah.

As if our nation could not fall any further into sexual debauchery, it seems we have sunk to a new low and ground zero is focusing its attention on the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia.  Believe it or not, someone somewhere has managed to declare May to be the National Masturbation Month. To celebrate the hedonistic event, Philadelphia Magazine is reporting that city is home to the first Masturbate – a – Thon.

The event opened up on Wednesday and runs through May 27.  Supposedly, the goal of the sinful festivities is to raise money for two local sex education groups known as Screw Smart and Pleasure Rush!.  Money will be raised through donations made by people who attend and well, I’m not going there.  During the month, the groups claim to be emphasizing sexual health and the importance of pleasure.

After the event runs its course, they will be having a gala celebration known as the Creamium.

Between all of the openly gay pride celebrations around the nation, nude bike rides in San Francisco and other similar events, there is no doubt that our nation has fallen to the pits of depravity.  From Independence Hall and the signing of the US Constitution to the celebration of sexual hedonism, Philadelphia has definitely gone too far.  The city was the birthplace of America and it looks like it may end up becoming the dying place for our nation as well.  Perhaps the cracking of the Liberty Bell was an omen of the future; a future that spells disaster and destruction just as what befell Sodom, Gomorrah and ancient Rome.