Clarification: Lois Lerner Sought Method for Hidden Communication with Other Federal Bureucrats

Mark Horne posted about this from the Washington Examiner, including quoting the story about “OCS messages.”

Not everyone may realize the import of “OCS,” so let me give you some excerpts from the Washington Times story:

Just as the IRS tea party targeting scandal was erupting, Lois G. Lerner warned colleagues to “be cautious” about what information they put in emails because it could end up being turned over to Congress, according to an email message released Wednesday.

The 2013 email exchange between Ms. Lerner and fellow employees at the Internal Revenue Service also says that instant message conversations were probably never stored and weren’t checked during open-records requests — even though they also fell under the law requiring electronic records to be stored.


She went on to ask whether the instant message communications were stored automatically. When a tech staffer said no but the records could be stored if employees copied them, she replied, “Perfect.”

Because everyone warns their fellow employees about watching what they put in emails–and clarifies that “instant chat” messages are not archived and retrievable–when there’s “not a smidgen” of corruption.

I mean, don’t we all have such conversations with our co-workers when we’re doing the right things… … …and then don’t we all have hard drive failures, and follow up by smashing the drives beyond recovery?

So, Lois has been found “in contempt of Congress,” but she’s out sipping champagne every night, and enjoying her fat payoff money… er, Federal pension. Yeah, really tough punishment John Boehner and the boys mete out.

I think I’ll continue with my contempt of Congress, to.

Wonder if I can apply to get a big check for it? Perhaps I just need to cross the southern border so I can get free housing, free lawyers, free transportation, free entertainment, and better and faster free medical care than a U.S. veteran at the V.A