Clashes In The Streets: What Chance That Stays Overseas?

Sadly, the tune that immediately began playing in my head as I saw this story was an old one from Neil Diamond: “Coming to America.”

From “Venezuela President Calls Allies to Rival Opposition Protest.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called supporters to take to the street tomorrow, hours after an opposition politician sought by police urged his allies to march with him on the same day.

Leopoldo Lopez, the leader of opposition party Voluntad Popular, whom Maduro accuses of inciting violence, urged Venezuelans to dress in white and march with him on Tuesday, daring officials to enforce an arrest order issued against him. After Maduro responded by summoning a demonstration of 30,000 to 40,000 oil workers at the same location, Voluntad Popular today switched the site of their march.

“I’ve not committed any crime,” Lopez said in a YouTube video posted on his Twitter account yesterday. “If there is a decision to illegally jail me, I’ll be there.”

On Feb. 12, three people died and 66 were injured when protesters clashed with government supporters. The biggest demonstrations against Maduro’s administration since he was elected in April spread across the country this month as Venezuelans struggle with the world’s fastest inflation and shortages of everything from medicine to food.

Carlos Vecchio, a Voluntad Popular spokesman, said today in Caracas his party has spoken to the Catholic Church and foreign diplomats about ensuring the protests are peaceful. He said the government bears the ultimate responsibility for the demonstrators’ safety.

The path our leadership has chosen is inescapably one of conflict within. Increasingly, both the Republicans and Democrats are pitting one group against another in a lustful quest for plundered wealth.

The problem is not which “Party” is in power… the problem is that we have permitted government to become a tool of theft, and now we simply choose which patrons and constituencies will be rewarded with other people’s money.

I fear this decade may not end before we see massive clashes in the streets of the United States. Tragically, the Federal government likely sees the same thing, and rather than pulling back from the immorality of plunder, their “solution” has been to buy ammunition in massive quantities.