Climate Change Is a Primary National Security Threat?

Global warming isn’t a national security threat at all, let alone a “primary” one!

After the kind of things John Kerry has said about global warming as Secretary of State, I don’t think we should be that surprised that Barack Obama is also fully committed to fear mongering about climate change. But it is important to be reminded that, no matter how much we see the so-called “science” failing to stand up to scrutiny, our political masters are in complete denial about the facts.

CNS News reports:

Speaking at Howard University in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, President Barack Obama said the climate change is a “primary” national security threat to the United States.

“The Pentagon has already said that climate change is a primary national security threat that we’re going to face, and we are working with the Department of Defense to start preparing for that and mitigating for that,” Obama said. “And a lot of our international policy and national security policy is centered around the very real concerns that that’s going to raise.”

In the same presentation, Obama said that the planet is warming and that this is having an impact on human health.


“We know that if there are more wildfires, a consequence of rising temperatures, that there are going to be more particulates in the air,” said Obama. “We know that potentially it extends the allergy season, and can induce greater incidents of asthma or more severe incidents of asthma.  We know that, potentially, as temperatures rise, that we’re going to start seeing insect-borne diseases that are not traditional to North America start moving up from the south.”

Obama said that he had been aggressive in unilaterally using executive power to deal with the climate change issue, but that a great deal more needed to be done.

Yes, he certainly has!

By the way, the President is not wrong that a “primary security threat” to the United States is not a conventional enemy. But that security threat is not global warming; it is the national debt. That is the problem that we all need to face, not the insane myths about climate change.