Climate Change Pays: Barack Obama Wants Another Billion Dollars To Spread To His Friends

Climate change is the convenient excuse being used to give another fold in the President’s wallet. According to the Hill:

President Obama will pitch a new $1 billion climate change resilience fund during a visit Friday to California.

The fund, which would need to be approved by Congress, is intended to help communities dealing with negative weather that’s the result of climate change.

Obama is touting the fund during a trip to California, which has been devastated by a drought that is threatening the Central Valley’s agriculture production and has led Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to call on Californians to conserve water.

During a call with reporters on Thursday evening, the assistant to the president on science and technology, John Holdren, said, without any doubt, the severe drought plaguing California and a number of other states across the country is tied to climate change.

Weather practically everywhere is being caused by climate change,” Holdren said.

The administration’s fund would invest in research to gather data on the impacts of climate change, help communities prepare for them and support innovative technologies and infrastructure to ready the country “in the face of a changing climate.”

“Recent events have reinforced our knowledge that our communities and economy remain vulnerable to extreme weather and natural hazards,” the administration said in a statement on Thursday.

 So the President gets a billion dollars to help “communities” deal with negative weather caused by climate change. But, according to Holdren, practically all weather is a result of climate change. So he is free to pour out his many millions on any “community” suffering negative weather.

But he doesn’t have to wait for the negative weather. He can spend the money to help prepare the “communities.” He can basically give money to whoever he wants. And then he can also throw the money at “innovative technologies and infrastructure.” In other words, he can pay off business owners who have donated to Democratic causes, like in the case of Solyndra. And he can support public unions by funding construction projects.

Environmentalism is a huge payday for corruptocrats.