More On the Cliven Bundy Smear

Here is one reporter’s reassessment of the “Cliven Bundy is a lowlife racist” flap. This is yet another reminder that even the best names in journalism sometimes become little more than propaganda mouthpieces for the ruling class.

Joseph Farah writes, “Bundy-Times Sting: Worse Than I Thought.”

First of all, let me begin by making an apology to Cliven Bundy.

In a slapdash column yesterday, I gave the New York Times more credit and credibility than it deserved.

I assumed, inappropriately and incorrectly, that the former newspaper of record had actually recounted the words of the Nevada rancher accurately and in context, given that there was an actual recording of the comments.

I was wrong.

After the Times smeared as a rock-ribbed racist through the use of selective quotes the new hero of resistance to tyranny in America, there was a new development: The video recording of the actual remarks emerged.

To say the New York Times bent over backwards to make Bundy look like an unregenerate bigot would be an understatement. I suggest you view the video for yourself at the end of this column. Does he seem like a hater to you? Or does he actually sound like a man with compassion for blacks who have been systematically abused by a new plantation mentality imposed by government dependence?

My first thoughts were that Bundy had stepped on his own land mine. Now, I realize from this story—and also a ridiculous hit-piece against a Senate candidate in South Carolina—that it doesn’t matter how careful or upright you are, when certain soulless people in the press want to smear you… they will smear you.

One of the great blessings of the Internet is that it’s at least possible–often not easy at all, but possible–to find the truth behind the spin.