Clorox Reveals We Are Nation of Idiot Whiners

Clorox made a simple tweet about bleach that brought down the wrath of the guardians of racial orthodoxy.

I had seen this story before, but decided it was too stupid to write about. Then it showed up in more mainstream news feeds, indicating that people in the media think it is a worthwhile story.

Which proves we are insane babies.

Here is how began their summary, under the headline, “Clorox Sorry After Emoji Gaffe.”

Clorox has apologized for a social media misstep after it sparked outrage by tweeting “where’s the bleach” in reference to last week’s introduction of new “emoji” cartoons for iPhones that include several faces of people with black and brown skin. The maker of Clorox bleach and other products says it was attempting a humorous reference to other emojis for objects like toilets and bathtubs that people use bleach to clean. But the corporate Twitter post hit a nerve when news reports and online discussions were focusing on the new collection of racially diverse faces that have been added to the symbols people can use in emails and text messages.

“I didn’t think it was malicious, but impact negates intent. This is someone being thoughtless, and really not focused on what was trending that day,” said one Twitter user. She joined others in posting her dismay about the Clorox tweet after it spread online last week.

Clorox didn’t make a gaffe and it didn’t make a social media misstep. What happened is that the internet is home to some extremely stupid people and those people make noise. Clorox, rather than thinking of the millions of quiet satisfied customers decided instead to treat the loudly insane as if they were representative of public feeling. In so doing, they insulted us all and empowered clowns who should rarely be given any attention and never given any credit.

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Seriously, is there no better reason than racism that might cause Clorox to tweet about bleach? Since bleach cannot possibly change a person’s race, interpreting their statement as a desire to whiten “racially diverse faces” is an exercise in science fiction writing. There were bathroom fixture emojis too, like a toilet! That is exactly the kind of thing for which Clorox sells bleach.

But instead of laughing at these jokers, Clorox has to apologize? They are empowering some of the last people that society should ever allow to have influence. They are betraying sane people who don’t make up stupid reasons to get angry.

Of course, if we allow our nation to be dominated by idiot whiners, then we are a nation of idiot whiners. Resist!