CNN Claims the Pope Has Hurt Republicans. Doubtful.

Why should a pope spouting global warming propaganda hurt Republicans more than Democrats are hurt by abortion?

It is pretty clear that Pope Francis is a socialist who is trying to undo the good that Pope John Paul pursued during his time holding the Roman Catholic office.

But the media is trying to pretend that the pope could actually hurt Republicans. That makes no sense.

CNN Politics blared the headline: “Pope hands GOP climate change dilemma.”

Republicans eyeing the White House are caught between two political blasphemies: angering the conservative base and disagreeing with a very popular Pope.

Pope Francis released a highly anticipated papal document on climate change and the environment on Thursday, calling the fight against global warming a moral imperative and “one of the principal challenges facing humanity.”

So what?

First of all, Pope Francis might be popular at CNN, and he might be popular elsewhere in the world, but he is simply not all that popular among the relevant voters. John Paul was a popular Pope and Francis is nowhere near his level.

Secondly, there are comparable issues and I don’t see anyone feeling caught in a “dilemma” because of them.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy has opposed capital punishment for a lot longer than this new push for the global warming scam. Has that really hurt Republicans with anyone who wasn’t too liberal to vote for the GOP anyway? I doubt it. Even pro-capital-punishment Roman Catholic candidates and politicians have no problem simply disagreeing with the pope on the issue and saying so plainly. I’ve never heard any conservative politician or candidate worrying about his or her stance on the death penalty  getting them in trouble because the Pope disagrees. Frankly, from my perspective as a Christian Evangelical, Republican Roman Catholics who believe in capital punishment seem much like Protestants to me. They look in the Bible and see that the death penalty is recommended, they read in Paul’s letter to the Romans that the civil magistrate “bears the sword” (chapter 13) and they detect that the Pope’s commitments are in opposition to what the Bible teaches. So they side with the Bible as well as common ethical sense.

We can also consider the issue of abortion and pro-abortion and depopulationist Democrats. Why don’t they seem hurt by condemnation not only of one or two encyclicals, but of the entire Christian and Roman Catholic tradition? Nancy Pelosi has actually been named and criticized at high levels within the Vatican, yet her political star has not fallen (sadly). On the issue of birth control, the media constantly acts like the Republicans are hurting themselves by opposing government payment for birth control. No one says that the Democrats are in danger because they disagree with “a very popular Pope.” Even when the Democrats oppose the freedom of conscience to not pay for birth control, no one in the mainstream media warns them about denying basic human rights to Roman Catholics.

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So this is all nonsense. The Pope’s encyclical only means one thing: that conservative Roman Catholics who resist fictional propaganda (which is exactly what climate change alarmism is) are going to become more alienated from the Papacy.

I’m sure Liberals think Pope Francis is the best thing that could happen to the Roman Catholic Church. History will tell a different story. Pope Francis can’t hurt Republicans but he can hurt his relationship with his flock.