CNN Spins Christian Massacres In Iraq As A Result Of U.S. Withdrawal

It is horrible that Christians were slaughtered in Iraq by Islamic extremists but it is not surprising. Under Saddam Hussein Christians were protected and allowed to participate fully in the government. Hussein was a corrupt, violent, repressive dictator, but he was able to squash sectarian violence and force Sunni and Shiites to tolerate one another as well as other faiths. Though it is off-topic, it is also worth remembering that, as a secular neighbor to Iran, Iraq was always an obstruction to Iran gaining regional power.

When we invaded Iraq and “democratized” it, we turned it into a de facto Shiite Islamic nation—a natural ally to Iraq and a place where Christians are persecuted.

The CNN story pretends the killing of Christians is simply a lesson about what happens when Christian troops cease to occupy a country.

The incidents highlight the security challenges with which both Iraq and Afghanistan are grappling.

Both countries have had a heavy U.S. military presence until recently.

The departure of U.S. forces from Iraq has done little to curb the near-daily cycle of violence.

Iraq has very little in common with what is going on in Afghanistan. In the case of Iraq, the U.S. military presence is what started the violence. It is not something that started after troops withdrew.

In 2003, there were thought to be 800,000 to 1.4 million Chaldean Catholics, Assyrian Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East members, Syriac Catholics and Orthodox, Armenian Catholics and Orthodox, Protestants and evangelicals in the country, the group said.

Now, according to community leaders, the estimated number of Christians stands at around 500,000, the report said.

So the attack yesterday, with its 38 killed and 70 wounded, was just a small part of an ongoing war against Christians in Iraq. Since our invasion the Christian population has been devastated.

And Obama is continuing the same program in the Middle East in places like Libya and now Syria.

We can’t do much for Iraq now, except pray for our Christian brothers and sisters. But we can stop the insane U.S. policy in Syria that amounts to a literal war on Christmas. Our government, no matter who is president, is obviously going to continue the policy of overturning relatively stable and tolerant regimes and turning them into violent extremist zones.

Jesus sees what our national government is doing to His people in the Middle East. He is going to judge American Christians who are complacent with a government that makes war on his Church.