CO State Computer Upgrade Botched by Geniuses Who Gave Us

I hate getting personal about government failures because then people are tempted to believe that they can fix the problems by simply replacing the people involved.

But sometimes one finds that government gets botched because incredibly incompetent people are involved.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that structural problems in government are unrelated to the problems of bad people. One problem with government is precisely that those who are spending other people’s money (i.e. the taxpayers) are prone to not make the best decisions. They will hire their friends or people who reward them in some personal way rather than the best workers at the best price.

So the Daily Caller’s story should not surprise us.

A $58 million overhaul to Colorado’s computer accounting system, performed by the same company blamed for the meltdown of, is poised to be an “epic failure,” according to an anonymous whistle-blower who spoke to Denver’s Fox 31.

The system, which is supposed to go online on July 1, isn’t ready and won’t perform as promised, the insider told the station.

Known as the Colorado Operations and Resource Engine (CORE), the system is meant to handle everything from benefits payments to taxes to vendor services, but Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler called it a “disaster in the making.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper ordered the overhaul because the current version of the software is badly outdated.

Century Link and CGI designed the system; CGI also created the Obamacare website which performed dismally when the new health care law rolled out in October.

So, the same people who failed at one system are failing again. And the government is incapable of adjusting or in any way altering course even when they know they are going to have a train wreck. The whistleblower is warning them to delay the implementation and not switch over loads of important data to the new system. This data will probably include taxpayer information that will not be secure from hackers. “The switchover to a new system should wait — otherwise, you will be entrusting critical accounting and financial controls to an untested and unprepared system.”

The state government’s response is like that of Obama and the Democrats refusing to delay the health exchanges for the Affordable Care Act, even though they knew would be a disaster:

State authorities didn’t respond to Fox 31′s request for an interview, but a spokesperson with the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, which is overseeing the project, said in a letter to the station that delaying the software rollout wasn’t an option because Colorado’s fiscal year begins on July 1.

Behold government competence!