Cocaine and Post-Birth Abortion

On January 29, 2012, Punta Gorda, Florida, 9-1-1 was called for twenty-seven year old Jessica Smallwood.  At the time, she stated that she thought she had passed a blood clot in the toilet and flushed it down.  However, there was a lot of blood afterwards and the single mother of three was not doing well so her boyfriend called 9-1-1.

As it turned out, Jessica had delivered a 6 ½ pound baby girl, but claims that she never knew she was pregnant.  At the hospital, staff and police received conflicting reports on what actually took place, so they got a search warrant and went to the house to investigate.  During the investigation, police discovered the body of the baby wrapped in a trash bag and placed in a freezer in the garage.

Immediately this led to a lengthy investigation.  The coroner ruled that they baby, described as third trimester in development, displayed no signs of ever having taking a breath of air and ruled it had been stillborn.  The coroner did find traces of cocaine in the baby, but in Florida, there is no law that makes it a criminal offense for a mother to pass drugs like cocaine to a ‘foetus’.  So after a lengthy six month investigation, Jessica Smallwood will not be charged with any crime.

Now let me get this straight, if an adult knowingly gives a child illegal drugs, they are guilty of crimes involving drugs and either child abuse or contributing.  But if a mother knowingly takes illegal drugs while pregnant, knowing that they will be passed on to the baby through the placenta and umbilical cord that is not a crime?  Something’s wrong here and we all know what it is.  We need laws that protect the unborn from harmful drugs and alcohol because they can’t protect themselves.  Babies born to mothers who take drugs and drink excessively are more prone to have physical and mental defectives in addition to requiring intensive care to help them with their withdrawal symptoms which could also be deadly.

The other question I have was if she gave birth to the baby on the toilet and the baby came out head first, was it really stillborn or did it drown in the toilet trying to get its first breath.  With its head submerged, there would have been no way for it to empty the amniotic fluid from its lungs in order to breathe.  Or did that even matter to the coroner and courts.

The issue with Jessica Smallwood has raised another concern and that is the right to abort a baby after it is born.  Check out the video coverage on Jessica and then they moved on to a case in Canada and others:

Did you hear the ruling of the judge in Canada that said strangling her baby with her thong underwear immediately after birth was not a crime, it was just an another abortion?  Don’t think that it couldn’t happen here as America is catching up to Canada and England on liberal laws and policies and the loss of decent moral values.

They also reported that a group of medical ethicists associated with Oxford University in England stated that parents should be allowed to kill their newborns because they are ‘morally irrelevant’ and that there isn’t any difference between killing a newborn and performing an abortion.

As a nation, we’ve allowed the abortion foot to get in the door.  It won’t be long before the leg allowing the killing of newborns will push its way through the door.  Once that happens, the whole ugly and evil body of eugenics will come bursting through allowing the killing of sick people, mentally challenged people, senior citizens, and even children of various ages.

Now that I think about it, some of those provisions sound eerily similar to parts of Obamacare.  But our wonderful caring President wouldn’t allow that to happen, would he?