Too Cold-Blooded for Survivor’s Guilt: Daughter Praises Mother for Killing Her Sister In Utero

The real title of this New York Times editorial should be, “How Abortion Molds People into Raving Psychopaths.” Instead, it is entitled “My Mother’s Abortion.” It is grotesque “First-World-Problems” whining.

My mother chose to abort her first pregnancy, in 1972. She and my father, who celebrated 40 years of marriage on Jan. 6 this year, met as undergraduates at the University of Texas, Austin. They got engaged. Then my mother became pregnant. She was 20, and he was 21.

They knew they were thoroughly unprepared to be parents, but abortion was illegal in Texas at the time (unless a woman’s life was at risk). This was the year before the United States Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade, a case originating in Texas, affirmed a woman’s right to have an abortion until the fetus was viable.

“Thoroughly unprepared?” Two college students who wanted to marry one another were easily prepared for parenthood. And now this woman and her murderous husband have brainwashed the surviving siblings to mouth off these platitudes of personal entitlement on their behalf.

Fearing the stigma that would result if their families knew they had engaged in premarital sex and not used contraception, my parents did not tell their parents when they traveled to Albuquerque to end the pregnancy.

One: There’s no stigma attached to premarital sex with the use of contraception?

Two: They were so in love with the idea of slicing and dicing their firstborn that two educated adults didn’t even bother to try to prevent conceiving a doomed child when they fornicated. I’m sorry, but in the real world the term for having sex without using contraception is, “We are trying to have a baby.”

I know that people do stupid, wicked, and even murderous things. But reading these facts, presented as if they elicit sympathy rather nausea in non-sociopaths is quite difficult. Editors and others actually vetted this piece and made the decision to publish it because it served the cause.

This is the reality that zombie apocalypse stories metaphorically describe. You read this editorial and realize that your neighbors, your workmates, your child’s kindergarten teacher are all raving, blood-lusting killers.

The worst part is: the mother only recently succumbed to self-righteousness on the issue. Her own surviving daughter helped turn her heart.

Until recently, fear of shame has kept her quiet about her experience, even as she passionately, publicly supported reproductive freedom. This is the first time we’ve discussed her abortion in public.

My mother waited until the evening before I began my first year at Wellesley College, in 2001, to tell me about her abortion. Her voice shook but never broke as she described her fear and her decision. She ended by reiterating that her choice was the right one and that her love for my sister and me was unequivocal. (She had told my sister, who is two years older, before she began college.)

I was shocked: at 18, I naïvely believed that only other women — not my family and certainly not my mother — needed this right that our family had long supported. We had volunteered at Planned Parenthood and canvassed for candidates who supported abortion rights. My mother said she wanted to reassure me that I had no reason to doubt her support in any situation I might face in my own life. Although it took a few years for the shock to wear off, knowing made me even more proud of her and more determined to defend reproductive rights.

So, she has been politically active promoting baby-killing but she wasn’t proud of her actions. She has gone from bad to worse now. That’s horrible because, among other things, if one won’t admit one was wrong one won’t seek forgiveness. So we have the crime of abortion and then the added crime of refusing to repent and be forgiven, even when that forgiveness is continuously offered by God at the price of his Son’s life.

But how can anyone say that two educated adults “needed” an abortion only a short time before they got married? There are people in truly difficult situations who are tempted by the sadly-legal option of abortion. This was an abortion of convenience. This is an ugly piece of writing that shows the ugliness that abortion feeds upon. Sickening.

Consider the plight of a woman who has been raped. Many of those women have raised up a new generation of anti-abortion activists. They are the ones who deserved to be called brave!

Not some spoiled couple who deliberately engaged in unprotected sex and then unleashed the hounds of Hell on their first child.

And by the way, “Abortion is homicide” is a simple true statement like “two plus two equals four.” It is true whether men or women say it. Female pro-aborts who try to pretend logic doesn’t work for women need to realize they are supporting the worst possible stereotypes possible for their own gender.