Colin Powell Plays the Race Card

Why is it every time there’s a disagreement with a politician who is black, it’s not about the policy, it’s about race? So what do we make of constant criticism by conservatives of Bill Clinton when he was president? The guy was whiter than rice. Some of the same policy criticisms leveled against Clinton are being leveled against Obama.

And what do we make of the constant attacks by the Left of blacks when they are conservatives or serve in a Republican administration?

Colin Powell is the latest turn-coat conservative (if he ever was one) who has made disagreements with President Obama a matter of race. Powell is accusing some Republicans of having a “a dark vein of intolerance.” I have a deep vein of intolerance of politicians – white or black – who continue to spend us into oblivion, tax us into poverty, and legislate us into tyranny.

Powell, of course, has a different type of intolerance in mind. He believes Republicans “still sort of look down on minorities.” Here we go again. Powell ought to know by now that the Democrats and Liberals aren’t interested in minorities; they’re interested in votes.

What’s interesting is that Liberals made racial remarks about Powell. Before he was president, even Obama took pot-shots at the former Secretary of State who served under George W. Bush.

Not to be outdone, in a 1989 speech in Washington, DC, Louis Farrakhan

“stated both Obama and Powell want a ‘pat on the back’ from their ‘former slave-masters and their children.’

In a May 2003 speech sponsored by Harvard Law School, [Al] Sharpton likened Powell and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to subservient house slaves.

In a 2007 Tennessee speech, Sharpton was asked by an audience member whether Powell and Rice are ‘house Negros.’”

“Sharpton replied: ‘I don’t know that they are viewed as house Negros in the term. I believe that they are in the house and the rest of us are in the field. So it would not be an inaccurate description.’

“In 2002, actor and activist Harry Belafonte compared Powell to a plantation slave who moves into the slave owner’s house and says only things that will please his master.

“‘Colin Powell’s committed to come into the house of the master. When Colin Powell dares to suggest something other than what the master wants to hear, he will be turned back out to pasture.’”

I guess that the racialists on the Left side of the political spectrum finally got to Colin Powell. Now he’s their “house Negro.” He’s being used like most blacks are used by politicians. They’re only as good as their vote. The Democrats have been selling blacks down the river for decades, entrenching them into multi-generational poverty with political programs that make them dependent on the State.