College Students: No Free Condoms Is “Injustice”

Spoiled whiners can’t take responsibility for their own behavior without free condoms.


Fordham University presents itself as a Roman Catholic or, more specifically, a Jesuit school. People who go there are supposed to be intelligent so, presumably, they know how to read. They could go to many different schools but they chose a Roman Catholic institution.

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So why are students taken seriously when they accuse the school of “a pattern of injustice” because it won’t give away free condoms? The ironically-named student group, SAGES (Sex And Gender Equity and Safety) has started a petition. According to the Daily Caller,

In a petition, the group proclaims that a lack of access to free condoms is gravely inhumane.

“We believe that the lack of access to condoms and other essential contraceptives as well as sexual health services that promote the well-being of students’ minds, bodies, and spirits on campus is part of a troubling pattern of injustice within our campus and throughout the country that permeates every facet of our lives,” the petition declares.

The petition argues that the public display of free condoms at the private, Catholic university is necessary “to foster an environment in which students are encouraged to talk about sex in healthy and safe ways.”

They also demand “free and confidential” testing for sexually-transmitted diseases and, of course, transgender housing.

This is obviously idiotic and un-American. There are all sorts of colleges and universities in this country, both religious and secular. Since we all have choices we don’t need to go attacking institutions as if they are forcing their beliefs on us. To insist they all meet contemporary sexual (non) standards is to impose a state religion or ideology.

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Furthermore, as the Daily Caller story notes, anyone can order condoms from Amazon extremely cheaply. For anyone with a Prime account, it would come to less than 39 cents a condom. If you really “need” a condom, which is the rational plan—to buy one or to lobby until someone gives them away for free?

The reason I think this sad story is important, is that it shows how viciously a group of people are working at getting rid of all practical freedom of religion in this country in the name of an incoherent and toxic mixture of welfare-statism and “human rights” claims. People now have “a right” to free stuff from other people. No one is ever willing to provide for themselves or find willing service providers.

This lust to force other people to give you stuff, even stuff that violates their own beliefs, will be the death of the United States.

It is not only evil and intolerant. It is really pathetic.