College Students Sign Petition to Put Birth Control in City’s Water Supply

A young political activist and author by the name of Mark Dice has a video on YouTube that employs the increasingly popular technique of guerrilla journalism to make liberals, who are off their guard because they don’t see the hidden camera filming them, look idiotic. It’s a fantastic method, and despite oft-raised questions of its dubious morality (especially in conversations about notorious guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe), it really is the most honest form of journalism there is.

The video shows Dice walking around where I assume is his home city of San Diego, approaching mostly young, college-aged kids, informing them that Obama’s “science czar” recommended putting sterilants, or birth control, into the water supply as a way of curbing population growth, and then asking them to sign a petition to get the city to abide by the recommendations.

“These women can’t remember to take the pill everyday,” he tells a group of three twenty-something males, “so we’re just gonna put it in the water supply….” They sign the petition.

To a Hindu-looking fellow (who, yes, does understand and speak English), Dice, as the Hindu signs, says, “We need to do everything that we can to make sure that the white people stay the minority, so we’re gonna put some race-specific sterilants…in the water supply to implement a…eugenics program, so thanks for supporting eugenics.”

There are only one or two people in the video who seem to fully understand what it is that they’re signing—one young couple seems to be rationalizing their signature by telling Dice that they use birth control, implying, basically, “Hey, it works for us, so why shouldn’t everybody be on it?”

But most of the others in the video don’t seem to comprehend the petition they’re signing. Dice’s intention seems to have been to demonstrate the anti-human position of liberals, but I think it’s a demonstration of something else that I often talk about.

Since most of the signers are seen signing the petition even before they’re fully informed of what it is for, and since some of them are even signing with confused looks on their faces, I think it is a demonstration of nothing but young liberals’ hopeless romanticism, not of their blind support of Obama. They want to feel like they are changing the world, and not just changing it, but improving it. They don’t know what it is that they’re doing, but they want the effects of it to be because of them.

In short, they’re dangerous idiots.