Colorado Government Civil Rights Fascists Hunt Bear

This is kind of a putrid story, but it needs to be told.

There are, among homo- or bisexuals, a group often dubbed “bears.” There is a picture here that gives you an idea. It is safe for work but I still find it too disgusting to want to reproduce on this blog. Even G-rated pictures of “comic book” male homosexuals make me vomit in my mouth. These are men who hate effeminacy in men or in women (depending on what degree they range from bi- to homosexual, I would guess). Naturally, there are bars that cater to them. One such bar is the Denver Wrangler.

One night last year, a male homosexual named Vito Marzano showed up at their door. There was a problem, he was dressed in a way that made him unrecognizable compared to his picture on his driver’s license, which said he was old enough to drink. The bar claims that it recently was fined for serving alcohol to someone under 21 so they have really started being careful.

The problem was that the reason Marzano didn’t look like his picture was because he was disguised as a woman. Marzano claims that he was discriminated against and is trying to organize a boycott of the “bear bar.”

This should be nothing more than a funny yet disturbing, or disturbing yet funny story.

But, in Amerika, Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has a Civil Rights Division. According to The Denver Post:

DORA’s investigation, which included interviews and research into the bar’s policy history, found that The Wrangler is known as a “bear bar” that prides itself on being a popular watering hole for gay men displaying hypermasculine characteristics.

Steven Chavez, director of the Civil Rights Division, focused heavily on the bar’s dress code policy in his written opinion.

“At face value, the (bar’s) policies appear legitimate and nondiscriminatory,” Chavez wrote. “However, the evidence indicates that the (bar) uses its policies to select patrons whose appearance is masculine, whether or not they are male or female, for entry into its club.”

The totalitarian committee has ruled against the bar and ordered them into mediation with Marzano.

So sodomy is legal, and bars that cater to immorality are legal, but we all now, pagan and Christian alike, must learn and conform to an ever-growing list of minutiae or else get hammered by the state DORA Civil Rights police.

My guess is that “Bears” don’t gravitate to employment in the Nanny State (!) the way that Queens do. So once again we have a case of the Queens’ censors.

And, of course, a pub for men only that catered to heterosexuals would be hammered even quicker and with greater penalties. Free association really is dead.