In Colorado People Use Welfare To Buy Pot

From the Daily Caller:

Welfare beneficiaries accessed cash benefits at ATMs in Colorado stores that sell marijuana at least 64 times during the first month recreational pot was legal in the state, according to a new report.

Based on a review of transaction records obtained by National Review Online, a total of $5,475 in public cash benefits in amounts ranging from $20 to $400 were withdrawn at pot shops in January. The average withdrawal was  $85.55.

To be sure, 64 is a small fraction of what NRO says were more than 42,000 electronic benefit transfer (EBT) withdrawals in Colorado that month.

This was entirely predictable. There was even a move to ban Electronic Benefit Transfer withdrawals at ATMs in pot shops. But it failed.

So a majority in the state senate decided that it was a good idea to give welfare recipients access to their money in a store that sells marijuana.

What were they thinking?

What no one wants to admit is that you can’t have both freedom and government welfare. If you are not responsible for supplying your own wants and needs, then someone has to approve of how you use the money you get to provide for your wants and needs. If you want to spend money on alcohol, that is your business. But if you are on food stamps, then the people who gave you the money are going to feel responsible for what you do with it.

I know he gets quoted a lot by Tea Party people, but Benjamin Franklin was right: You have to choose between freedom and security.

The people of Colorado think they can have security and still claim the freedom to get high. It is not going to work that way.

As the Daily Caller points out, in obedience to a federal law passed in 2012, Colorado already bans EBT users from withdrawing cash from ATMs at adult entertainment centers, liquor stores, and gambling facilities.

Marijuana dispensaries need to be added to the list.