Colorado Sheriff On Gun-Grabbing Dems: “The People Ought to be Able to Fire Them”

The push for gun control in Colorado was never about a “grassroots” push by Coloradans to start heavily restricting firearms. The gun control push in Colorado has been top-down politics from the beginning, funded, at least in part, by Bloomberg’s organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This is why there is a recall election going on there, where two state senators are at risk of losing their seats over their gun votes.

We’ve heard several Colorado Democrats say really stupid things about guns. Congress(wo)man Diana DeGette equated gun magazines with bullets (…or something). State representative Paul Rosenthal advised that the “buddy system” is more effective than carrying a concealed weapon. State rep Joe Salazar suggested “call boxes, safe zones and whistles” are better for defense than guns. And we can’t forget that the University of Colorado Springs told women to urinate or vomit on their attacker to avoid getting raped. Anything but use a gun.

These buffoons haven’t been very convincing to say the least, and now some of them are suffering the consequences. People are rallying to “throw the rascals out.” Even the majority of Colorado’s sheriffs united to sue the state for its unconstitutional gun-grabbing bills.

One of those sheriffs says he not only fully supports citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, he also is in favor of the people firing their representatives for violating their oath of office. Sheriff Maketa of El Paso County, Colorado recently spoke to Breitbart News about the recent gun control measures:

“If you look at it from the macro-level, these laws did not deliver what was promised. Number one–they were passed under the promise that they would prevent another Aurora or Sandy Hook but there is no validity to that statement. Number two–these laws were not born in Colorado. Rather, they are just a copy of what NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others are trying to do all around the country. Number three–the laws are unenforceable. They ban ‘high capacity’ magazines purchased after the laws went into effect on July 1, but provide no mechanism for knowing which magazines were in fact owned or transferred prior to that date. Also, the rules of possession at a length of 72 hours mean that if your firearm is out of your possession for more than 72 hours you have to do a background check to get it back. I have a friend in Special Forces, and what this rule means for him is that each time he’s deployed and leaves his gun with this fiance, she has to have an initial background check and then another background check every 30 until he returns in order to keep possession of the firearms. This is just one more burden on a man who is fighting for our country. Number four–the mandated background check on every gun sale requires that the check be done with an Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder. But as the name suggests, these are federal license holders under federal guidelines, not under state guidelines. Yet the state wants to mandate their actions?”

He went on to say that “constituents should be able to fire representatives who ignore constituents” and that when those lawmakers “show that kind of arrogance, that kind of tyranny, the people ought to be able to fire them.” These kinds of recall elections are exactly what we need all over the country.