Coming Soon to U.S.: Brits Hoard Banned Vacuum Cleaners

A story about banned vacuum cleaners sounds like it comes from a comedy show about a future dystopia. But it is a true story and thus a tragedy of our present dystopia. The Brits, being ruled by a foreign government known as the European Parliament, are forbidden to purchase or sell vacuum cleaners that work.

light bulbs

From the Daily Mail this week:

Shoppers made their feelings clear about an EU ban on models of more than 1,600 watts by visiting stores or online sellers in their droves.

Many have been stockpiling two or more high-power models to beat regulations that came into effect yesterday.

The new EU directive is intended to reduce energy use, but it has infuriated the public, who say they’ll have to spend longer using the appliances.

Online electrical retailer said weekly sales had soared 380 per cent compared with the first week of August.

The most popular model was the 2,400-watt Bosch Pro Energy BSGL3126GB cylinder vacuum cleaner costing £99, which sold out yesterday.

It currently has two models left in stock that are over 1,600 watts, but expects to have more this week.

There was clear evidence of customers stockpiling vacuums, it added, particularly in the 2,000+ watt ranges, where 3 per cent of sales were generated by shoppers buying two or more.

‘We saw a huge surge in sales of corded vacuums over 1,600 watts over the weekend, with sales quadrupling,’ said head of small domestic appliances Leanne Beswick.

Even if global warming was really caused by the release of carbon dioxide, these rules would not possibly make any substantial difference. Do you think any of the legislators in the European Parliament vacuum for themselves? Highly doubt it. No, they have just devised another way to torment ordinary people. In fact, such torment is not a necessary evil, a means to an end. Rather, it is their goal. It is a large part of the reason they believe in man-made global warming so strongly.

It gives them an excuse to exert power over others. Climate change is an intoxicating story to them.

Do you think the EU will ever come up with rules limiting the use of personal jets for CEOs and diplomats? Of course not. They will fly around the world, spewing out carbon dioxide, to lecture the world on how greedy we all are to want to have working vacuum cleaners.

And the Daily Mail reports more are on the way. Potential targets include:

  • Automobile air conditioners
  • Exercise equipment
  • Hairdryers
  • Blenders and mixers
  • Fax machines (?!)
  • Power tools
  • Lawn mowers
  • Patio heaters
  • Kettles (Need to cut off sooner so they don’t waste heat, apparently)
  • Toasters (Terribly wasteful when you only use one slot)

These control freaks are indulging their fetish, not governing for the good of the public.

And good luck keeping that poison on the other side of the Atlantic. Why can’t you buy a light bulb any more that doesn’t cause a mercury breathing hazard if it breaks? Because we are not a free nation but servants to a host of tax-eating control freaks of our own.