Ads in Today’s “Patriarchy”: Men Are Buffoons, Women Are Brilliant

With commercials, as opposed to football, being the main focus of Super Bowl Sunday, I got to thinking about the state of commercials in today’s culture.

But how many commercials have you seen in which a husband is portrayed as being smarter, wiser, or less clumsy than his oafish, doofy, klutzy wife?

Yeah, it doesn’t happen.

It kills me that radical feminists say we live in a male-dominant culture when the very drivers of our culture–the New York and Hollywood types–are all radical feminists. It certainly would have been fair to say back in the Fifties that culture fancied males over females, but today?

What we see is the opposite. The husbands in commercials are always portrayed as having doctorates in the art of screwing things up.

Or maybe the commercial portrays three guys hanging out in the living room. They are each of them, invariably, idiots. The females in the commercials roll their eyes, shake their heads, and, if the males screw something up, make things right again.

The message of these commercials is that if males ruled the world, they would stupefy themselves into extinction by the close of the decade–were it not for women. Women, always preventing or else rectifying the male-created disasters, are mankind’s saviors.

If I sound offended at the portrayal of males in the media, let me correct that notion: I am not. They’re generally accurate, these commercials. Men, when left to their own devices, are morons. But if they’re lucky enough to have a woman around, there’s hope. That’s the general reality, and these commercials recognize it.

However, commercials are always, by design, exaggerations of reality, so this point of male idiocy and female genius is also greatly exaggerated.

Such exaggerations have created a new class of males: half-men. The media is the director in the cinema of modern culture, and right now, while the majority of the media folk are males, they are also radical feminists.

If these culture-creators not only recognize the idiocy of males and the common-sense superiority of females, but also exaggerate their respective portrayal, how can it be claimed that we live in a patriarchal culture? And when am I allowed to complain about the very real double-standard of radical feminists without being criticized?

The unintended takeaway of these commercials is that we live in a matriarchy, not a patriarchy. (That, and that black women are always exasperatedly sassy, but don’t get me started.)