Common Core, One Symptom of a Terminal Disease

Common Core is a single symptom of the terminal disease called federalization of education. Those who focus solely on Common Core will once again witness the educational system succumb to federal control of academic standards, curriculum, testing, student loans, teacher-preparation programs: the entire educational system.


A patient will die when he insists on treating an acute cough with cold medicine when the cause of the cough is the cancer sarcoidosis.

Historically, those rejecting federal overreach have focused on a specific educational policy or symptom rather than focusing on the cause of the disease. Consequently, federal leaders have changed the names of the policies granting citizens a false sense of accomplishment while the policy incubates quietly and the terminal disease continues to spread.

The infection of federal control has spread throughout the educational system. Once the federal government influenced academic standards, it began controlling curriculum including testing and accountability components, a final phase of the cancer.

Focusing on Common Core is no more effective than dealing with a single symptom of a more dangerous disease. People miss additional symptoms of the cancer which quickly overcomes its host.

When the federal government seized control of the student loan program, the outstanding education debt became about $1.2 trillion and the students of 2012 had an average college debt of $29,400. This symptom is slowly choking ethics and effectiveness out of the educational system. When the federal government regulated the student loan program, it gained power to manipulate college-educated voters and to determine merit needed to qualify for those loans.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is hoping to purchase votes with her proposal to allow students to refinance their loans at a lower interest rate. The loss of revenues will be covered with a tax on the wealthy. Students who do not need to refinance their loans will be receiving a handout from the federal government.

There was a time when our citizenry would never ask one person to surrender his property to provide political gain or advantage to another.

Our Future, Our Teachers, a plan created by the U.S. Department of Education to federalize teacher-preparation programs, will be using tax dollars to fund the college education of students of specific nationalities first. Others will be granted those advantages only if openings remain.

The federalization of education is politicizing our educational and our financial systems while completely changing the value systems once held dear by American citizens.

Eliminating Common Core will not eliminate the data collection systems, the federally shaped APUSH history curriculum, the federally supported Next Generation Science Curriculum, or the federally influenced National Sexuality Education standards. Eliminating Common Core will not deal with the federalization of the student loan program or the federalization of teacher-preparation programs. Addressing the federalization of education, a terminal disease, will remove those symptoms and cure the patient.

The most effective way to stop Common Core and the federalization of the educational system is to reject all federal policies at the local level and demand that federal statutes governing education be followed. State constitutions granting states autonomy over education must be honored.  State laws governing local-control of schools and language identifying parental rights must be implemented. This is the only way that problems presented by Common Core will be successfully stopped. Citizen involvement is the only medicine that will cure the cancer of federal overreach.

Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.” History proves this observation to be true.