Common Core is the Trap and Public Education is the Bait

From Fox News: “Price for Nevada dad to see state’s school files on his kids: $10G.”

Nevada dad John Eppolito got a bad case of sticker shock when he asked state education officials to see the permanent records of his four children.

He was told it would cost $10,194.

A Lake Tahoe-area real estate agent by trade and a fierce opponent of Common Core, Eppolito was concerned about Nevada’s recent decision to join a multi-state consortium that shares students’ data. He wanted to know exactly what information had been compiled on his school-age kids. But state officials told him he would have to pay fees and the cost of programming and running a custom report.

The problem is that I can’t stop them from collecting the data,” Eppolito told “I just wanted to know what it [collected data] was. It almost seems impossible. Certainly $10,000 is enough reason to prevent a parent from getting the data.”

Nevada has spent an estimated $10 million in its seven-year-old System of Accountability Information in Nevada, known as SAIN. Data from county school systems is uploaded nightly to a state database, and, under the new arrangement, potentially shared with other counties and states. But Eppolito wonders why the state is collecting data that parents can’t even view.

“This data is for everyone except the parents,” Eppolito said. “It’s wrong.”

Common Core is a Trojan Horse. There’s plenty that could be said about it, but I’ll limit my reaction to this specific article to one quote, and one comment.

The Quote: “The problem is that I can’t stop them from collecting the data,” [parent John] Eppolito told

The Comment: Mr. Eppolito, your statement is absolutely incorrect. I have four children and the public schools have no data on them. Zero. You have chosen to take the “free” bait, and you pay the price for subjecting your children to the system.