Common Core Violates the Golden Rule No Matter What it Teaches

Michael Lotfi writes about Common Core at

Common Core is not wrong because of what it teaches.

Suppose for a moment that Ted Cruz had been POTUS for the last five years. Now, suppose President Cruz wants to push Common Core. However, instead of pushing Common Core with liberal values, President Cruz pushes Common Core with the following paradigms.

  • Every child in each state must be trained on how to use a rifle by the age of 10
  • Every child in each state must study only Austrian economics
  • Every child in each state must take mandatory bible study
  • Every child in each state must perform 100 hours of community service before graduating high school

I provided my audience this same hypothetical situation at the rally. I then asked them, “Now then– Instead of being at this rally opposing Common Core, would you all be here supporting Common Core, as the liberals would be on the opposite side of the picket line, or would you be just as furious?”

Bingo! This is true with most of what comes out of DC today. It’s not the individual politicians that matter (and certainly not their skin color!!!!) it’s the abominable principles behind their actions.

If the President has power today that you would hate to see in the hands of a President with whom you disagree—then the office of the President has been given too much power!!

Again we return to that old thing called the Golden Rule: “Do to others what you would have them do to you,” and it’s corollary: “Don’t do to someone else what you wouldn’t like them doing to you.” Political power is an ominous trust—societal force—to be used as sparingly as possible in a free country.

You see, Common Core isn’t wrong because of the values it teaches. Common Core is wrong because it is an unconstitutional, federal usurpation of power. In fact, it’s not even directly from the federal government, but a private initiative from the Gates Foundation used by the federal government to coerce states.