Congress Has Abnegated! Decides It Is In A Race With Barack Obama To Pass Laws

If you read one of my other posts today, you know that the Republicans have been involved in a hush-hush move to get the ENLIST Act included in the Defense Department authorization bill. While that is bad enough, I thought some of the reasoning of the Republicans was so bad that it deserves separate consideration.

From the same Breitbart story:

At the same time, though, GOP proponents of Gang of Eight-style legislation have recently begun to worry that the window for enacting immigration bills is rapidly closing, causing them to ramp up their behind-the-scenes efforts.

The reason: a growing certainty that President Obama is planning to enact amnesty by executive fiat, blowing up the chances of legislation for the rest of his presidency.

“It’s going to happen. He’s getting a lot of pressure, and he’s already told some people he’s going to. He’s told a bunch of people. I think he will. I think he has to,” said one senior member of Congress who asked that his name not be used.

“I’m hearing that he will do it by August. When that happens, it’s poof! The right will go off the rails, just because it’s unconstitutional — and they’ll be right about that stuff. They’ll fly off the rails, which will then get the Democrats [to close ranks]. And then it’s a presidential election. That’s coming, and as soon as that happens, it’s over,” the lawmaker said.

So when your President takes upon himself legislative powers that’s the best you’ve got? You just try real hard to pass a law before he does?

I have begged time and again for Congress to deal seriously with the President’s usurpation of the power of the legislature. But it seems such options are not even thinkable. They are completely comfortable with Barack Obama violating the separation of power in the Constitution. All they do about it is try to compete, like they and the President are both authorized legislatures.

Congress is basically selling us down the river by allowing precedents to be set without any real opposition.