Congress RUSHING to Push Through $1.1 Trillion New Spending

The new spending coming from Congress is massive and also largely unknown.


So we all remember Nancy Pelosi saying that, if we want to know what is in Obamacare, Congress would first need to pass the bill into law.

Now it seems that some House Republican leaders in the lame duck Congress like that idea. As I write this post Monday night, The Hill reports that, “House GOP’s $1.1T spending package expected Late Monday” later tonight. Perhaps by the time you are reading it some details have been revealed. But right now it looks ominous:

For Republicans drafting a massive spending bill for the end of the congressional session, timing is everything.

GOP leaders, who want to pass the sweeping year-end spending package on Wednesday, must release the proposal on Monday in order to satisfy House rules for bringing legislation to the floor two days after it is released. 

But they don’t want to unveil it too early out of concern that the longer the bill lingers in the open, the more time Republican critics will have to lambaste the proposal, which many conservatives say doesn’t go far enough to push back against President Obama’s new executive action limiting deportations. 

The dynamics leave Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in a familiar position, caught between a desire to pass a big budget bill in order to prevent a government shutdown and a restive right flank that’s long been critical of its leadership’s approach to federal spending proposals.

Against that backdrop, GOP leaders are not expected to release the bill until Monday night. That would provide a window allowing the House to vote on the measure Wednesday and leave the Senate one full day to pass it and prevent the government from shuttering on Dec. 12.

Holding off on the bill’s release also allows less time for conservative griping. Coming out of a victorious election cycle, GOP leaders want to move the bill without highlighting the intraparty divisions that accompanied last year’s budget fight, which led to a 16-day government shutdown.

Dozens of Republicans have denounced Boehner’s approach to funding the government, which is being called the “cromnibus.”

Conservatives should refuse to vote for the spending bill on principle! They are being pressured to vote for a bill without reading it. Can someone tell me why that isn’t treason? These people were given the office of passing laws but are now being asked to give that authority to other people and create laws that they don’t know or understand.

How do we know that this is only about the desire to defund Obama’s alleged executive order on immigration? The media is telling us that without providing any evidence. That bill could contain any number of nasty surprises. If it is passed before anyone can read it then it is anyone’s guess what is in it.