Congressman Tells FDIC They Shouldn’t Be in Government

If the FDIC members are going to allow the abuse of power, they need to hit the streets.

I’d never heard of Sean Duffy, but from this… I think I might like him.

That said… I’m tired of ‘right words’ without the accompaniment of appropriate actions in light of the reality of those words. It’s time for countless bureaucratic heads to roll… and to keep on rolling.

“You’re abusing your power. You’re going after little guys all over American, because I’ll tell you, Mr. Gruenberg—you’re a good Liberal. You go ‘I don’t like these industries, and I’m gonna use—just like Lois Lerner—the power that I have at the FDIC to target these industries, and I’m gonna put them out of business.'”

Bingo! Someone finally says it. The modern bureaucracy is an unconstitutional power-grab by Statists to circumvent the will of the People, and to apply one particular set of oppressive rules and standards on everyone–to establish a utopian view of the world that preaches “tolerance” while crushing anyone and everyone who dares to express or live out a differing opinion.


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You can read more about the hearing in this story at the Daily Signal. Note the behavior of the Democrats:

Not every member of the committee agreed with Duffy. Some Democrats consider Operation Choke Point a laudable program and even went as far as to thank Gruenberg for the agency’s “aggressive” role in fighting consumer fraud.

“Fraudulent transactions are a real issue not to be taken lightly,” said Rep. Al Green, D-Texas. “In truth, this [list] was an attempt by the FDIC to help financial institutions be aware of the higher rates of fraud sometimes associated with certain industries.”

“That’s what [Operation Choke Point] is really about,” he said. “Protecting consumers.”

Other members mocked the hearing, asking Gruenberg if he’s had any “secret” meetings with President Obama in “dark basements” about putting gun dealers out of business.

But Duffy’s finish is spot-on:

“These folks have no place in government, and if you [FDIC Chairman Gruenberg] allow them to stay you have no place in government.”

It’s time to take off the gloves and start eliminating scores of Federal agencies that are populated with mini-tyrants just like Martin Gruenberg. Congress needs to become a metaphorical ISIS when it comes to dealing with these folks—shut them down, and put them on the street, and off the taxpayer payroll.