Congressman: ‘We Buy Votes with Stolen Money’

I will no longer let politicians define the debate. Even some of the good guys can’t tell the real truth. For example:

“The deal to avert the fiscal cliff which consists of special tax credits for green energy, Hollywood, distilleries and other industries, is a demonstration of Capitol Hill vote buying, Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) said Wednesday.

The 154-page bill that passed the Senate and House on New Year’s Day to stop the tax hikes and spending cuts in the fiscal cliff contained 12 specific credits for green energy and 31 additional credits for various businesses, while increasing taxes on those earning more than $400,000.

All this money is stolen. That’s what Rep. Mulvaney should have said. Every Congressman who voted for the 154-page bill is a thief. They used their congressional powers to reach into my bank account (and yours) to steal our money. With that stolen money, they bought votes to keep them in power so they can continue to steal money from you and me. It’s that simple, and don’t let anyone say it’s not.

I want to know why a bill to extend tax cuts had to be 154 pages in length. Because there are 96 different provisions in it designed to help certain political industries. Why are we subsidizing Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands with our tax dollars? “In fiscal year 2009, the rum tax raised $547 million for the rum industries in the two U.S. territories, according to the [Washington] Post.”

Hollywood received a payback for its support of Obama and numerous liberal causes in the “Extension of Special Expensing Rules for Certain Film and Television Production.”

“The Washington Post reported that provision withheld $75 million in revenue by allowing motion picture studios to deduct up to $15 million of their costs if more than three fourths of the movies productions take place in the United States, or $20 million if the movie is produced in a low income area.”

Helping low income areas of the country using movie production sounds like a great project, but not with my money. Hollywooders have enough money to donate to Obama’s re-election campaign, but they can’t use their own money to produce movies in poor neighborhoods? Give me a break.

The money will be stolen from you and me so it can be given to other people. Try stealing money from people because you believe you have a “good cause.” You’ll be arrested and most likely sent to jail. But if Congress does it, well, that’s considered good government. You can’t do good things with stolen money.