Doing Conservatism Wrong: “Minorities And Women Must Be Equal With White Men”

Michael Reisig is a novelist and newspaper columnist. In a piece he wrote yesterday, titled “The American White Male: No Advocacy, No Retribution,” he attempts to offer his conservative point of view on affirmative action and the surge in negative portrayals of whites in TV commercials (as “the dolt, the miscreant, and the character of little importance”).

As any conservative must do when broaching these topics, Reisig opens his piece by attempting to immunize himself from accusations of being a racist, but in so doing, he actually makes some non-conservative proclamations.

He opens the piece by writing, “We all realize that it’s not just fair and reasonable for minorities and women to rise to quality positions and recognition in our society, it’s essential to a balanced and modern America.” He then says all intelligent people believe in this.

But if he was attempting to defend conservatism in this column, he failed. No, it is not “fair and reasonable for minorities and women to rise to quality positions”; rather, it is fair and reasonable that minorities and women have the opportunity to rise to quality positions. The index of a fair society is not equality of outcome (egalitarianism), in which the more competent members of society must be chained down and kept at the level of the underachievers, but equality of opportunity.

In the next paragraph, he writes, “The truth is, until the last century, we have been a nation predominately protected by, advanced by, and directed by white males—since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Bay. You don’t have to like it, but it’s true. However, that has changed—and it’s good that it has—because any free nation blossoms under equality for all.”

It’s “good” that America is no longer predominantly protected by, advanced by, and directed by white males? No, it’s not. I won’t say it’s bad, but it’s certainly not “good”; it just is what it is. What does it matter what race the drivers of society are, as long as they are the most competent members of society? And there’s the “equality for all” nonsense again.

I’d like to think Reisig simply wasn’t writing clearly, but he’s a professional writer and undoubtedly knew what he was writing. He was simply demonstrating the cowardice that most other mainstream conservatives also demonstrate when talking about race.