Conservatives Are The Freethinking Revolutionaries

Conservatives think liberals are full of crap because it’s true, and liberals think conservatives are full of crap because conservative thought is so far removed from the mainstream. Anything to out of place must be incorrect, says the liberal.

It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts what the mass media pounds into us every day as a lie. It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts the message of pop culture as a lie. It’s easy to think of anything that contradicts the teachings of authority figures as a lie. In short, it’s easy to be a liberal.

It’s much more difficult to resist the herd, to do the heavy lifting of thinking outside the box, of thinking freely; much more difficult to be one’s own person, someone that resists what the media, pop culture, and authority insists you must be. In short, it’s much more difficult to be a conservative.

Liberals don’t have to consider reality in order to arrive at their opinions; the mass media tells them what their opinions are to be. They don’t have to weigh whether A or B is the more moral choice; pop culture tells them which it is. They don’t need to worry about what is true and what is false; authority tells them, “This is true, that is false, and it’d be best for you if you fell in line.”

How can we blame people for taking the easy path of liberalism?

I posted on my website a much briefer version of this spiel a while ago, and a liberal commented that I’m full of it; everybody knows that conservatives aren’t freethinkers.

But then I got another message from a different liberal, which confirmed my opinion on this matter and contradicted what the first liberal said. It read:

“There’s a reason why your kind is a dying breed and that’s why I’m not going to send you hate. Conservatives hold on to old ideals that simply don’t fit into our progressive society, so fight while you can but sadly good morals hold sway in our society more than bigotry. You’re smart I’ll grant you that, but it’s a shame to see you waste your intelligence shouting at a brick wall, instead of progressing the world’s academic knowledge.”

(All errors are in original text.)

So why can’t I and other conservatives just join the collective? Why can’t we just fall in line? Why don’t we let society dictate what we think and believe?

Things are what they are. Facts are facts and falsehoods are falsehoods, regardless of whether 99 out of 100 people think or desire otherwise. Liberals deny reality because they are taught to so by the world around them. Conservatives are the ones with the free minds to reject such teachings and live according to the reality of things. In this age of deceit, that is truly revolutionary.