Why Conservatives Don’t Love Free Stuff

Do you think I’m heartless, because I don’t support government programs providing free food, free phones, free rent, free education, free condoms, free this, free that, and free everything else?

love free stuff

If you will listen, here’s the reason: When a program is not economically sustainable, it will ultimately do more harm than good. When you create dependency on programs that will crash, you deprive fellow humans of the beneficial lessons that are only learned from sweating, scraping, and scratching to earn things for themselves.

Further, you unjustly rob those who have done right, served their community, and supported their own living. You penalize work, and you reward indolence.

Hmm, what does economic law say will be the result of that?

[Yes, a small minority of people are truly disabled and need our personal compassion—I’m not talking about them.]

I detest government intervention, because it creates bureaucrats who have a perverse incentive to expand “programs” rather than to truly look out for the future well-being of people, and the community. When you are spending “other people’s money” that’s an expected result.

I equally detest government welfare to corporations: It is theft from taxpayers, and gives businessmen incentive to be more concerned about buying influence among politicians than in serving customers well, to ensure the survival of the company.

True and effective compassion comes from personally investing for the good of our neighbors. The literal meaning of the word compassion is: “To suffer with”—you step into their pain and struggles, and help them find a way out of the pit.

Unfortunately, many of us donate to causes we personally hold accountable for the way they utilize our funds, but we are also forced to support government “welfare” which tears people down faster than we can build them up.

In conclusion, I hate government programs because while they may provide a temporary Band-Aid for today’s problems, they often mask the reasons people are in such situations, and things cancerously fester and spread a social infection that will, in the end, bring greater pain and death. I hate “welfare,” as it’s currently practiced, explicitly because it harms people; it harms my neighbors.

“Free stuff” costs too much for those forced to give, and also to those who receive.