Conservatives Push Liberals Aside, Finally

Liberals’  anti-conservative agenda just isn’t as sexy as it used to be when President Obama first came into office.

In fact, across this country there finally are signs that conservatives are tired of being pushed around and are at last ready to push back.

Earlier this month, the nation was treated to the Million Muslim March on the anniversary of 9/11. A few years ago under Obama, or even under Bush, such an insulting event might have attracted a considerable crowd of supporters.

Instead, a paltry dozen or so radicals turned out to complain that they aren’t being treated as the special people they are. By comparison, thousands of bikers showed up to counterprotest the Muslims and show their American pride.

In the Senate this week, we are seeing a rebellion by a group of conservative Republican senators opposed to Obamacare and the liberal collaborators who want to foist this travesty of a law on America.

Ted Cruz’s filibuster is a thumb in the eye of senators like John McCain who consider their constituents less important than being invited to the good- ol’-boys’ country club for a weekend.

According to Sarah Palin, the turmoil in the Senate indicates that America is already split into three parties, with the Tea Party conservatives taking up the slack from the self-immolating RINO GOPers.

At the state level, the rebellion builds, with a second county voting to secede from uber-liberal California. The votes so far have been mostly symbolic, but the people of Siskiyou and Modoc Counties are serious about wanting to forge a new state called Jefferson, away from the influence of the leftist black hole that is Sacramento.

There are even some hopeful signs on the international front, where the Vatican seems to be getting serious about holding people to the Catholic Church’s teachings.

The Vatican has excommunicated an Australian priest, Greg Reynolds, for preaching the joys of gay marriage and female priests.

A little closer to home, the leading cardinal of the Vatican’s highest court said that Nancy Pelosi must be denied Communion under Canon Law until she repents of her abortion advocacy. It’s not quite excommunication, but it’s a sharp rebuke to the leftist congresswoman, who for years has advocated abortion, gay marriage and contraception while pretending to still be Catholic.

If conservatives had stood up against liberalism all along, then we wouldn’t be in our current mess, but better late than never.

Contrary to what the Borg used to say, and what Harry Reid restated just a few days ago, resistance is NOT futile.